FC Bayern Munich: Audi and BMW are more in the Sponsor-a duel?

A few weeks ago, there were not only the first rumors about a forthcoming Sponsor-exchange, FC Bayern München, but also some pretty final-sounding statements. Allegedly, the person in charge of the FC Bayern of dissatisfaction about the Diesel scandal damaged Audi have contacted Image on the search for a new automobile Partner BMW, but were appeased by a more lucrative contract with the Ingolstadt VW subsidiary.

The thing seemed to be done, but a recent report by the Bild am Sonntag suggests a different situation: The issue is not resolved, therefore to finally, instead, a contest for the lucrative sponsorship Deal running behind the Scenes. What is clear is that The prominent advertising of the competitors from Ingolstadt can’t like BMW’s home city of Munich. In addition, the FC Bayern has countless Fans all over the world and is therefore an extremely attractive advertising partner.

So just as in a classic sponsors-the exchange, the Situation is not, however, because the Audi AG holds a share of the FC Bayern Munich. Before BMW the automobile could become a Partner of the German record Champions, to the two car manufacturers on the terms and conditions of the share purchase agreement. Audi paid for 8,33 percent to 90 million euros, today, BMW would have to pay well over 100 million euros, according to Ingolstadt.

According to Bild am Sonntag, BMW would not only be willing, but would also have to pay annually more money for the sponsorship as an Audi. For the BMW Group at the start of FC Bayern would be a kind of change of course, because so far it has left to the expensive support of big clubs without a fight the competition, Audi had secured the title of the automotive partner of many big Clubs and is now even a Audi Cup in pre-season. In the national team, Volkswagen will follow soon on the long-term DFB-Partner Mercedes-Benz, BMW committed so far.

If BMW can save with FC Bayern, the most prominent of the German football Association as a Partner, seems to be currently completely open. It is clear, however, that a partnership would not only affect football: Audi supports the basketball player of FC Bayern.

(Photos: Audi)

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