Handmade pure: Alex Zanardi’s BMW M4 DTM


The steering Wheel plays in each race car an extremely important role, but in comparison to the BMW M4 DTM Alex Zanardi, the steering Wheel of other race cars is downright profane. For the guest start in the DTM in the Misano race car for the Italians has been completely remodeled, so that it can also be used without the pedals. The tags are designed to ensure that Zanardi can move the M4 even without the leg prosthesis to the Limit.

The biggest Change to previous tags for the BMW brand Ambassador relates to the brake, because in the BMW M4 DTM Zanardi will also regulate the braking force with the hands. The new Hand-brake system requires considerably less effort than the previous solution with a fixed leg prosthesis, and is therefore better to dose. But it is only one of the five major functions, which controls Zanardi with the hands: of Course Zanardi in Misano Gas, clutch, shift and, not least, draw!

Function 1: The Hand-Brake System

During his DTM-guest start in Misano, a newly developed hand-brake system is Zanardi for the first Time. It replaces the combination of a brake pedal with a fixed prosthetic leg, with the Zanardi in his previous assignments in BMW racing cars has slowed down. Advantage of the new system is that it requires less effort, and thus considerably easier to handle.

The brake lever is located to the right of the driver in the center console. The brake lines were renewed and from the footwell moved there, making the pedal box with throttle, brake and clutch pedal is eliminated. The footwell in Zanardi’s BMW M4 DTM is empty. The size of the brake master cylinder was slightly adjusted, in order Zanardi does not have to apply with the Hand exactly as much pressure as an ordinary DTM driver with the foot, in order to achieve the required braking effect. An ordinary driver presses 100 to 120 kilograms, enough for Zanardi to a maximum of 70 kilograms. In addition to the size of the brake cylinder, the better lever effect of the hand brake lever, facilitate the braking process.

So the new System works, conversely, the BMW Motorsport engineers, the operation of the brake cylinder. During the braking exercise pedal in a normal BMW M4 DTM tensile force on the brake cylinder, the hand brake lever in Zanardi’s vehicle, pressure on the cylinder.

As in any other BMW M4 DTM, it is also in Zanardi’s vehicle, a Parking brake, which is used for a quick Start-up bias. Zanardi can brake this lock, like all of his BMW fellow drivers through a button on the steering Wheel button. But he has in addition the possibility, via a lever on his hand brake mechanically determine and solve again. Moreover, it can secure the vehicle against rolling away.

Function 2: The Centrifugal Clutch

In a usual DTM car, the driver to use for the start of the race and the Start-up out of the Box or the pit stop is a hydraulic clutch. In Zanardi’s vehicle is a fully automatic centrifugal clutch comes to mind. This opens and closes at certain speeds automatically and must not be operated by the driver. The matching speeds are set by the BMW Motorsport engineers in painstaking tuning work. For Zanardi, the System has the great advantage that it does not have to use one of his two hands on a clutch lever.

First Tests with the centrifugal clutch were very positive. Both the slow Start-up out of the Garage works without problems as well as the quick drive Off at the Start or after a pit stop. The Sprint from 0 to 100 km/h is of the centrifugal brake at the same speed as with the conventional System.

Function 3: The Circuit

Basically, Zanardi can change gears in the BMW M4 DTM, just using the paddles on the steering Wheel as his driver colleagues. For this purpose, the Actuation of a clutch in any modern DTM car is required. The high gears Zanardi, like all the other drivers to use the rocker switch on the right side of the steering wheel.

Down he can be a rocker if needed, also normal to the corresponding switch. Since this process is usually associated with a braking operation, for which he needed the right Hand, Zanardi switch a rocker switch at the head of the brake lever through the gears.

Function 4: The Gas Ring

The System, with the Zanardi in the BMW M4 DTM Gas was taken from the GT cars, which had previously been for him, rebuilt. The acceleration is done via the Pull with the fingers on a gas ring on the back of the steering wheel. The continuous Ring can be operated with both hands or only the left or right. The plays for the Functioning of the system not matter. The gas ring is controlled by the same Sensors as the normal accelerator pedal.

Function 5: The Steering Wheel

The steering Wheel, including the gas ring is, in principle, the same, the vehicles in the GT, the Zanardi is already driven, was used. For the DTM host the game, only the assignment of the buttons have been adjusted. There is a DRS button was added, for example, the rotary knobs in the lower area, on the GT-vehicle driving AIDS such as ABS can be set, in the BMW M4 DTM has no function.

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