Image comparison: New BMW Z4 M40i G29 hits previous E89

Both of the hot BMW Z4, both of which are open-top two-seater – and there are many similarities between the new BMW Z4 G29 and its predecessor, the E89. Could list to, among other things, the balanced weight distribution between the axles, the rear-wheel-drive, the in-line six-cylinder under the hood or in the driver-oriented Cockpit. More important, the differences are many observers, however, because there is a whole series.

In our image comparison, many of the differences are at first sight clear, go far beyond Design themes. In the side view, we can see that the hood is slightly shorter and the seat is moved to the position of the driver and passenger more in the direction of the center of the vehicle, while was the predecessor a little closer to the rear axle. Also the shorter wheelbase, the developers with a view to higher agility have chosen is visible.

Still greater is the difference in the side view is, if both vehicles have closed the convertible top While the new BMW Z4 G29 relies on a classic fabric soft top, the previous E89 with a three-piece metal folding roof. The return to the fabric hood has mainly two reasons: Less weight on a sensitive spot and more space in the trunk, especially when the top is down.

With a view to the Design, the pictures speak for themselves, however, a few issues such as the rather than side by side elements of the headlights, the kidney with a Mesh Design instead of struts, and the extremely flat running tail lights do not remain unmentioned.

In the interior of the new BMW can play Z4 G29 its modernity: The instrument cluster with Live Cockpit Professional is fully digital, the Infotainment Display is much larger and no longer folds out and the driver receives the important information, thanks to the Head-up Display directly in his line of sight is projected. An important Detail of shares of the new Z4 with X5, X7 and many other upcoming BMW models: The start button moves from the dashboard to the center console and can be found in the future, directly next to the selector lever of the automatic transmission.

In the image comparison, we see the respective top models of her Generation, even if the do not need to remain in the case of the new G29. For the Moment, the BMW Z4 M40i is a 340 horsepower in-line six-cylinder, but without a doubt, the Top model was exactly as it of the 340 HP strong BMW Z4 sDrive35is at the Generation E89 is the case. Various lightweight construction measures were taken to ensure that the new Z4 is despite a significantly more extensive facilities of around 50 kilograms lighter than its predecessor, so that he comes to a DIN empty weight of 1.475 kg.

While the Z4 sDrive35is with 7-speed DCT accelerated according to factory specification in 4.8 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h is to be lighter successor to the 8-speed automatic, two-tenths of a second faster. Much more important, however, is undoubtedly what is happening between the lines. And that is also a whole lot and even, perhaps, the most important difference between the two generations: The new BMW Z4 is a proper sports car that should delight Fans of the first Z4-Generation. How managed to do was, in our Pre-ride report to the Z4 M40i.

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