July 2018: BMW, Mercedes and Audi in sales-three-way battle

The battle for the world’s most successful Premium brand in July 2018 very closely. BMW, Mercedes and Audi delivered a thrilling three-way battle that had, depending on the perspective, different winner. The most important message here: All three German car manufacturers were able to increase their sales, and are also in a consideration of the total current year Plus what was in the last few years, almost a matter of course, in the coming months with a growing global uncertainty and emerging trade conflicts draw to an ever-increasing challenge for all global businesses.

At the start of the second half of the year, the BMW and the BMW Group managed to increase its sales and moved, with growth rates of under one percent on the high level of the previous year. With 181.051 units, the BMW Group was, despite the low growth, the most successful of the three companies, as Mercedes-Benz Cars had to be recorded with its core Mercedes brand with a significant decline of 7.9 percent. The growth in Smart was not enough to push the sales of the company over 178.922 units.

A strong July 2018 Audi showed, however, that it is likely to be a snapshot. The Ingolstadt-based company sold worldwide 165.350 units and were thus almost at the level of Mercedes-Benz and clearly in front of the core BMW brand. Particularly strong growth in Europe was, where in Germany alone, almost 9,000 more vehicles were sold than in the previous year (+37,5%). Overall, Audi increased global sales by 10.822 units, in Europe, it was 9.924. The background could be the approaching conversion to the WLTP cycle that leads some dealers to purchase vehicles to a stockpile, so that from September, enough cars in the yard.

In the second half of the year, the battle for the global Premium-top will continue to take place between the BMW Group and Mercedes-Benz Cars on the other side, while Audi from a distance, watching. Mercedes is the role of the largest core brand, clearly assert that for the BMW-paragraph-relevant innovations, such as X5, G05 and especially 3-series G20/G21 will come only in 2019.

The official voices of the carmaker to the paragraph in July of 2018:

Pieter Nota (member of the Board of management of BMW AG, responsible for sales and brand BMW): “Our focus on sustainable, profitable sales growth proves to be successful, especially as we continue to attract more customers than ever before – in spite of the various challenges that the industry is currently. The customer demand for our X vehicles remains very high, and after we increased the production capacities by the local production of the BMW X3 in China and South Africa, the additional availability already having a positive impact on sales. Also pleasing is the continuing, growing demand for our electrified vehicles. The number of deliveries by BMW i, BMW iPerformance and MINI Electric models since the beginning of the year by over 40% over the corresponding prior-year period.”

Britta Seeger (a member of the Board of management of Daimler AG, responsible for Mercedes-Benz Cars, sales): “never before have so many of our customers have taken in the first seven months of the year on your new Mercedes-Benz. We were able to increase since the beginning of the year sales by 2.3 percent to more than 1.35 million passenger Cars sold. Since the market launch of the C-class sedan and T-model is already over 9.5 million of these vehicles were sold. Since July our new models of the C-class family are now in the Showrooms of European dealers with whom we want to continue the success story of our highest-volume model range.”

Bram Schot (acting Chairman of the Board and the Board of management for sales and Marketing of AUDI AG): “Audi is the new models and structures impact strongly on the future. We just feel like our models are in demand. In the next months challenges as the biggest Model campaign in our history be us but as well as the change to the WLTP more intense.”

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