Making Of: The “impossible Stunt” of the BMW M2 Competition

Almost a Million people have the bamboo mats and Laser-Stunt of the BMW M2 Competition (for the article) already at youtube viewed, now increases the M GmbH, the fascination of the potential of the Stunts later on with a Making Of Video. This is still more clearly than before, how complex and challenging the organization and, above all, the implementation of the crazy Stunts for the double-record.

Within 60 seconds, the BMW M2 Competition to break two human records: a Laser on the Front need to be destroyed over 63 air balloons, while the drift for more than 87 bamboo Matt that separates the end of the Compact sports car at the same time with a sharp blade at the rear. Apart from Laser on the Front and blade on the rear of the BMW M2 Competition comes completely as standard.

In the case of the perfectly controlled Drift Action around the strongest letter in the world finally, 79 balloons and 117 bamboo mats are destroyed. Both records were surpassed by far, but still: of Course the Competition with the BMW M2 Competition is not made to ask the people in sporting excellence established by the best values in question, they merely serve to illustrate the difficulty.

Marc Higgins (stunt coordinator): “This Stunt is actually almost impossible. The requirements of the BMW M2 Competition are immense. Any Drift must be precise, because there is no room for error. A strong acceleration and agility help a lot.”

Oison Tymon (Director): “months of preparation in this challenge, your final. Our driver is an absolute expert in his field, but he is instructed that the vehicle responds precisely to every little Feedback from him. The only way he can create this Challenge.”

Uwe Dreher (Director brand communication BMW): “The BMW M2 Competition, the BMW M genes lives in a pure culture. With his dynamism, his inaugural and his Handling, he is an absolute exception. With our digital campaign, we will meet directly in the heart of our target audience and reach them where they get their information mainly resides in the Social media. We will prepare the BMW M2 Competition is the perfect stage to show his qualities impressively.”

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For all who have not seen it yet – the Original Video of the Stunt:

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