Now, Germany is: callback for BMW 5 series F10 / F11 N47

In South Korea, it started a few days ago, now also in Europe and Germany follow, apparently: BMW launches a recall for hundreds of thousands of vehicles with four-cylinder Diesel, in which problems with the exhaust gas recirculation for fire hazard. In South Korea, the BMW 5-series F10 /F11, with a four-cylinder Diesel is concerned, therefore, primarily – but not only – the 520d with the N47 engine. In South Korea, about 30 cars have come since 2016 in the fire, apparently, but there were also similar cases in Europe.

What specific models are affected in Europe, or not affected, is currently still unclear – as soon as we receive the appropriate Info, we will submit, of course, all the Details. According to the Frankfurt General newspaper in the whole of Europe 324.000 vehicles affected in Germany 96.300 vehicles soon to be called back in the workshop can be ordered. The Numbers suggest that it is only a relatively small part of the BMW four-cylinder diesel engine, otherwise, significantly more vehicles would be affected.

For South Korea the talk is of 42 affected Diesel models, wherein the counting is behind this number is unclear. The affected production period from March 2011 to November 2016 is likely to be as a guide for the in Germany upcoming recall suitable.

In the context of the callback, the Exhaust gas recirculation module of the affected engines will be replaced, this was identified in June as the cause of the problem. A leakage of cooling fluid in the EGR module can lead to the formation of hot gases and, ultimately, to the inflammation of dirt and Oil residues.

In well over 99 percent of the motors, the Problem does not appear: The error rate of the EGR module deck in the world at 0.12 percent. The most extreme impact in the Form of a fire occurs in nature, is still significantly less than the coolant leakage.

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