Prosecutor relieved of BMW regarding Diesel-Software

The public Prosecutor’s office Munich I informs the evaluation of the BMW Group, in connection with the wrong Software for the BMW Diesel engine with Triturbo-charging, no major transgressions of the company. The a few months ago known Problem whose backgrounds BMW from the beginning in detail and comprehensibly communicated, therefore, is not with the intentional exhaust of manipulation for hundreds of thousands or even millions of Diesel Cars for other manufacturers comparable.

While, so far, of up to 11.400 affected vehicles, this number is reduced still expected to be in the four digit range. According to the süddeutsche Zeitung, the Munich public Prosecutor’s office are evidence, that in fact, only 7.600 have been mistakenly fitted with the wrong Software an almost ridiculously small in number compared to the 2.4 million vehicles that were at VW with manipulated Software.

But not only the numbers of cases are completely different, also the consequences of the wrong Software are fundamentally different. For another variant of the Triturbo-diesel-designed and erroneously even in the case of the BMW M550d and 750d Software has to be suitable never to Manipulation of emission values in the style of the competitors, because they provided neither on the bench nor in practice, for lower emissions. Due to the wrong application of slightly higher consumption of goods instead, in all conditions and emission values. It would be for this reason absurd, the BMW is a deliberate Installation of the Software in question.

According to the süddeutsche Zeitung, the Prosecutor’s office will BMW still do not go unpunished, instead, the people of Munich would have to pay a penalty for the unintentional misconduct. Can’t tick off the BMW the matter, however: although there is currently no evidence of other affected series and engines, examined the Prosecutor’s office will continue to have not completed the investigation, which is expected before the end of the year.

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