Razor-sharp Drift record with BMW M2 Competition

Not just balloons living in the vicinity of the BMW M2 Competition dangerous, some rolled-up bamboo mats have already had to believe in it and were separated from the compact athletes from Garching mercilessly. In a new Video of the controlled Drifts realised Stunt is now set for a spectacular scene.

The human record was before the Stunt at 87 separated by bamboo mats within a Minute – and, of course, nothing, because, as a car should bring top athletic performance of a person in distress? Nevertheless, the brand is an interesting number, the BMW M2 Competition and, above all, his driver, a major challenge to the arranged course, with absolute precision to cope with.

The stunt driver juggles the 410-horsepower BMW M2 Competition in several perfectly to the diameter of the built-up bamboo mats-circles matching Drifts and brings him finally to a cross driven Minute back to its starting point. The result: 117 by bamboo mats, 1 cracked record separated.

Who still more for the sporting challenges of everyday life interested in experiences in our BMW M2 Competition driving report all the behavior of the compact athlete on the track of the Ascari and the surrounding country roads.

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