Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan: New Amazon series, BMW 5 series G30

Tom Clancy and he created the character of Jack Ryan Thriller Fans around the world. The techno-Thriller from the American author’s enthusiastic already in the form of a book with a million-audience, Jack Ryan comes to a whole new style into living room: the Amazon series Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan come to the exciting secret service Thriller on the TV at home. The CIA Analyst with a special feeling for the right track to leave his office job suddenly and plunges instead into chases across Europe and the Middle East.

In order to prevent a huge terrorist attack, are in need of Jack Ryan and his Team are reliable partners. In the case of the new Amazon series from Munich: The John Krasinski played the main character sets on a BMW 5 series G30 in the Form of a 540i xDrive, other CIA agents drive a BMW X5, and X6. In at least one scene of a classic BMW in 2002 and shows that BMW has always stood for the particular driving dynamics.

Who does not to the 31. August has to wait like, a secret agent in an Action-movie with BMW’s participation, to see, can also directly go to the cinema: Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible: Fallout on driving dynamics from Munich. Alternatively, the BMW Film The Escape starring Clive Owen in a BMW 540i G30 with M sport package.

Uwe Dreher (Director brand communication BMW, BMW i, BMW M): “Jack Ryan proves during the action-Packed Story not only analytical skills, but also pure athleticism and quick reaction in the most extreme conditions. As our ‘Business Athlete’ fits the BMW 5 series sedan, with its dynamic, sovereignty, and comprehensive connectivity perfect to him. All our BMW models integrate seamlessly into the series: It comes to suspense, passion and Action, this fits perfectly to BMW.”

Michael Benson (head of Marketing, Prime Video): “The vehicle says a lot about a movie character, who he is and what Potential lies in him. We believe, therefore, that the BMW fits perfectly to Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan. BMW has decades of emotions and passion when Driving: A claim that we also have to Prime Video.”

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