Video with over 1,200 HP: BMW Alpina B5 G30 vs. BMW M5 F90

Looking for a very strong variant of the BMW 5-series G30 are potential customers spoilt for choice: With the BMW Alpina B5 Biturbo and BMW M5 F90 are two extremely desirable limousines in the 600 HP League. Both want extremely to combine the sovereign’s longitudinal dynamics with unrestricted suitability for everyday use, both offer the space and the Infotainment benefits of the current 5-series.

However, there are also a number of large differences, which are likely to make the choice at least some of the customers easier. It is undisputed that the focus of the BMW M5 F90 more on driving dynamics and fast is lap times, while the Alpina B5 takes more consideration to comfort. The British AutoCar has asked the two Power-sedans from Bavaria to the comparison test, and a Video is created, the respective advantages and disadvantages is in detail and also clarifies the extent to which the different characteristics actually know.

Both sedans are powered by a twin-turbo V8 combined with an eight-speed automatic. There is also the drive concept, because the Alpina B5 and BMW M5 send their 600 HP by all-wheel drive on the Asphalt. For all friends of the classic rear-wheel drive, the M5, the 2WD mode, however, can only be inserted when completely disabled DSC.

However, while the choice shown in the Video sedans in good part a matter of personal taste, secures Alpina in the absence of competition, the heart of the multi-Fans among 5 drivers: the BMW Alpina B5 Touring is available in Buchloe, the practical 5-series variant, with the full Power of 608 horsepower and the Option of the weeks of your purchase at over 300 km/h in the refrigerator to bring.

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