Volkner Mobil Performance S: luxury motorhome with BMW i8

What brings a person joy, you can not answer. While some need a sports car and, if possible, winding country roads, the other a powerful SUV and an empty highway. Others can enjoy it to go for hours at a low speed in the motorhome. Of the various claims under a hat, now shows the Volkner Mobil Performance S at the d├╝sseldorf Caravan Salon to 2018 – the luxury RV provides, between its axles, a full-fledged Garage.

On the official press photos, we see that there is even a BMW i8 below. Wealthy clients will have the Option, your sports car, easy to take with you and so far from home stand in accordance with to be motorized. The Volkner Performance S is a total of 12 meters long, which is why the accommodation and the Transport of relatively large vehicles is not a Problem: In the Garage, only a car like the BMW i8, also two E-Bikes, table and chairs and even a Grill does not fit can here be taken.

A powerful solar energy system allows the Autonomous operation of the air-conditioning on Board of the luxury Automobile, the kitchen with oven, induction hob and dishwasher can be supplied. The interior can be widened to 10 metres in length by half a Meter, whereby it is received in the Interior of the vehicle even more luxurious. The two 40-inch TVs in the interior, receive their Signal from a self-aligning satellite dish with dual LNB, various game consoles, and powerful sound systems are also on Board.

Is driven by the Volker Performance S by a 500 HP Volvo Diesel, which drives the luxury motorhome with a 400-Liter Tank even at long range scores. The air suspension on both axles, ensures a high level of comfort so that the journey in the holiday as pleasant as possible.

Cheap such luxurious living is not mobile, of course: The base price for the Volkner Mobil Performance S is 966.000 Euro, at the Caravan Salon 2018 presented vehicle costs thanks to a range of special equipment even 1,465 million euros. Measured by even – and then, of course, not included in the price – the BMW i8 in the belly of the luxury Automobile is a bargain.

(Photos: Volkner Mobil)

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