Wiesmann-Comeback: the new sports cars 2019?

When will the announced Wiesmann-Comeback reality? According to a message from Dülmen it should be in 2019 so far, the next sports car with the Gecko on the road. In a small circle, celebrating the brand’s already the end of August at the Salon Privé in the Blenheim Palace a Comeback, there should be a GTMF5 coupe and a MF4 Roadster , the anticipation of the new sports car will increase.

The margins of their questions in turn naturally to the future. In 2019, the first of the new Wiesmann should be presented for what felt like an eternity, finally, perhaps we see already the first prototypes. It is clear that the development of a sports car must also take place on the road. Without a vote of the vehicle on the Nürburgring Nordschleife, and, according to strong signs of life by prototypes, the Comeback of the sports car brand, it is hard to imagine.

The so far last sign of life of Wiesmann there was in October 2017. At the time, proclaimed the Dülmener, not without Pride, their vehicles also in future with BMW engines equip. The cooperation between BMW and Wiesmann expressly include the delivery of the current BMW M V8 bi-turbo S63 4.4 Liter displacement engine, the BMW M5 Competition 625 HP offers , and with a small sports car from the Wiesmann extremely easy game.

David Bagley (co-founder and sales Director of Salon Privé): “This is a very exciting time for Wiesmann, and we are very excited to be on the Relaunch of this iconic brand for sports car involved. The brand has been known for many years and an exceptional driving experience. Through the combination of the latest BMW M-Power engines with a distinctive attention to Detail, tailor-made vehicles emerge on the highest level.”

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by : klonr.com