August 2018: BMW, Mercedes and Audi in the sales comparison

The August 2018, has made the sales duel between the BMW Group and Mercedes-Benz Cars on the other side even more dramatic. As in July, the BMW Group was able to reduce its deficit to the Mercedes-Benz, and now, almost exactly eye-to-eye: According to the August 2018, both car manufacturers come on over 1,597 million units, initially in the range of hundreds of a wafer-thin advantage for Mercedes is obtained-Benz Cars: 1.597.802 Mercedes and Smart have been sold since the beginning of the year, the only “1.597.021 BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce”.

Even more important than the comparison of the total groups in the views of the core brands of many observers, however, note that Mercedes-Benz continues to enjoy a comfortable lead. Despite a decline of 8.5 percent at Mercedes and an increase of 3.2 per cent in the case of BMW, the Swabians were able to sell in August, more vehicles than the BMW brand. Keep in mind, of course, that in the Mercedes-selling vehicles like the Nissan Navarra, derived from X-class, V-class, and other numbers are more likely to contain the commercial vehicle Segment of the allocated models.

A comparison of individual series is always difficult, after all, for a class of vehicle, both manufacturers supply the corresponding Figures are: In Stuttgart to report a new sale best value for the Mercedes E-class, which was held in August 2018 in the world 25.367 buyer. The BMW 5-series achieved a new record in the internal comparison with the previous 5-series sales, it can show figures of the E-class at 27.715 units but, nevertheless, clear to the tail lights, and its role as the world’s most successful car in the segment.

Audi needs to look at the fight between BMW and Mercedes at a distance. In August 2018, the Ingolstadt-based company sold worldwide 153.900 vehicles, where you have to go out with a 21.5 per cent increase in Europe of a special effect by self-authorisations, shortly before the entry into force of the WLTP. Since the beginning of the year, Audi comes to a paragraph of 1.268.550 vehicles in the next few months, the WLTP should have a effect, but a negative impact on sales in Europe.

Regionally, the strong importance of China for all three brands shows, even after the August 2018. In the previous eight months of the year, BMW sold there 400.013 vehicles, Audi comes to 417.234 and Mercedes on 446.075 units. China is in order for all three of the German Premium provider, by far, the largest single market, which, in view of the current political uncertainties, of course, also growing is the risk associated.

Pieter Nota (member of the Board of management of BMW AG, responsible for sales and brand BMW): “in Spite of challenges and extremely competitive conditions in some major markets, the BMW Group has achieved both in the reporting month and since the beginning of the year, a slight sales plus. Our sales of electrified vehicles recorded significant growth, with an increase in deliveries to more than 60% compared to August of last year.”

Britta Seeger (a member of the Board of management of Daimler AG, responsible for Mercedes-Benz Cars, sales): “I am delighted that Mercedes-Benz has delivered 1.5 million Cars in a year, as early as never before. We will work as a strong Team to support the continued high demand for our vehicles in the delivery. With the EQC we have presented in Stockholm to the world the first all – electric SUV of our product and technology-brand-brand EQ. We will continue with the EQC additional accents and pulses in the market.”

Bram Schot (acting Chairman of the Board and the Board of management for sales and Marketing of AUDI AG): “The renewed increase in deliveries underscores the attractiveness of the Audi brand. At the same time, we have a difficult next few months with the change to the WLTP and the model offensive continues. In addition, we are beginning with our first electric car, the Audi e-tron, a new Era for our company.”

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