August 2018: BMW USA Mercedes again behind

While the sales figures in Germany, thanks to the change to the WLTP cycle is hardly meaningful, is it in the US, no comparable special effects. The bottom line is that there is on the second – and third-largest market for the BMW Group, however, similar messages: The sales of the previous Year could be surpassed in August 2018 easily. What is the meaning of in Germany, 3.1 per cent and 19.289 units are in the USA, 1.0 percent, and a paragraph of 23.789 vehicles of the core brand BMW.

In the US, the SUV models and, in particular, the BMW X3 G01 the main role to play in it again. While most of the Car series in the Minus, or just above the level of the previous year, to get the X3 and its smaller SUV-brothers X1 and X2, the coals from the fire. About 40 percent of BMW’s U.S. sales in August of 2018, go to the account of the three smallest X models, their importance for the brand to be seen.

With a view on the product life cycle of important models, it is clear that BMW in the USA is currently not easy: The new Generation of the X5 is not yet for sale, 3 series, and X6 are in the late autumn of its life cycle and also the new 8 still leaves a little to wait. Thus, it is also clear that In the next few months BMW will not only blow in the United States for the attack, the product Offensive should have a tangible impact on sales in 2019.

Even more gratifying as this Outlook is for BMW, that Mercedes-Benz in the US market again to clear behind. The Stuttgart sold 20.339 units of your core brand and reported a decline of 19.8 percent. Audi USA sold in August 20.907 units, and is thus not, as usual, on the third place of the German Premium brands, but even Mercedes-Benz.

In the previous full year, BMW and Mercedes are now almost exactly eye-to-eye: While were able to increase the Munich to 2.3 percent on 199.157 units, shrank Mercedes by 6.6 percent to 199.215 units. This is obvious: The race for the prestigious Luxury Crown in the US is not as open as long – the next months will be exciting.

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