BMW 3-series G20: More teasers to show more Details

With a five-part Instagram Story the next Teaser come to the BMW 3-series G20 ahead of its world premiere at the Paris auto salon in 2018. We can recognize more Details of the much-anticipated mid-size sedan, the next week, and next spring their market launch is to celebrate. On the now published snapshots, we see the BMW 3-series G20, obviously, with the M sport package and in particular, from the Front, with a newly designed double kidney grille and the modified Hofmeister kink a very good impression.

The new Hofmeister kink is different than the previous part of the rear doors, but will be integrated in the BMW 3-series G20 partially in the C-pillar. We also see that the rims of the M sport package and a glance into the interior. Good to see the controls of the doors, the M steering Wheel and a part of the Live Cockpit Professional in the new Look of the iDrive 7.0. The new Infotainment Display was already on earlier Teaser images, good to see.

Finally, the new BMW 3-series G20 will be revealed at the BMW press conference in Paris on may 2. October at 09:00 am starts, but probably not from the very beginning to the 3-turns – finally celebrate officially the BMW Z4 Roadster (on road), the BMW 8er coupe (static Premiere in Le Mans), the BMW M5 Competition (the ride report) and the BMW X5 G05 (for the article) her exhibition debut in Paris. A short time after the G20 revelations are, of course, be we have the first Live photos and all the info with the technology of the new 3 series sedan.

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