BMW 3-series G20: Teaser revealed renal – and light-Design

An official Teaser photo of the new BMW 3-series G20 shows the mid-size sedan under a semi-transparent cloth, revealing important Design elements of the Front. Clearly the Design of the new double-kidney grille, which bears, as with other models in the recent past, a common chrome-frame. The two kidneys are thus connected by a common walkway in the middle and not always clearly separated.

Well visible is also the daytime running light LEDs in the Front headlights, which adopt still more clearly than before from the start of the usual circles. In each case two outwardly rising streak of light reminiscent of the earlier characteristic double round headlights, but even under the thin cloth to be much more modern.

We can also recognize the run-up to illumination, which does not come, but seemingly only from the door handles: seems to be Similar to other current models to be directly behind the front wheel, a light source is placed that also in the case of the BMW 3-series G20 for a light carpet in the entrance area. At the rear, we can glimpse a hint of the tail lights.

The new BMW 3-series G20 will be presented in a few days at the Paris auto salon in 2018, officially and definitively revealed. Now the Munich-based many of the Details for chassis engineering and aerodynamics and vehicle development . We know now that we can look forward to a particularly dynamic new 3-series Generation, which wants to offer the driving fun of a clear tangible advantage over the competitors.

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