BMW 3 series in 2019: more insights in the G20 development

Long before the market launch in February 2019, the new BMW 3-series G20 has experienced almost everything that can get in the coming years. Some of the new photos provide us with impressions of the testing of the perhaps the most important BMW-series, which will celebrate in early October at the Paris auto salon in 2019 to be their official world premiere. As a prototype of the BMW 3-series G20 in the heat of Death Valley, in the cold of Lapland, and on the most demanding sections of the Nürburgring Nordschleife on the way. The only way it can be ensured that the 3-series is finally grown also in the hands of the customer all of the challenges – because, of course, the everyday life looks far less extreme and does not bring the BMW 3-series G20, therefore, far from its limits.

In many years of computer simulation and wind-tunnel work, always more optimized body finally comes to a cW-value of 0.23, which stands for high efficiency and low air resistance. At least as important as the air resistance coefficient is the developers that the wind noise be quieter than before, and the aerodynamic stability of the total vehicle is maintained even at high motorway speeds or in heavy side wind. In addition to the visible forms to the Front, side and rear also of the plays under the soil an important role. Also Details such as the Design of the rim play in the BMW 3-series G20 has an important role, because the consumption and emission values according to the new WLTP cycle also take into account the influence of such special equipment.

BMW 3 series in 2019: evolution under Extreme conditions

For a first-class driveability, a decisive factor for the Driving pleasure on Board of the BMW 3-series sedan, was an innovative chassis with hubabhängiger damping developed. Just like all the other components of the suspension parts in extreme heat and cold, good and bad Asphalt as well as on dusty gravel roads had to demonstrate. Also applies here: What the developer placed on the chassis – both in terms of driving dynamics, as well as in the areas of comfort and durability exceeds the demands of ordinary customers everyday.

Another ability of the BMW 3-series G20 definitely want to try out a customer in everyday life, in case of doubt, you can save life: Because the series will be offered worldwide, you must you can a variety of crash tests, and have very different requirements to master. The clear goal of the developers is, in all relevant crash tests with good grades to cut off and thus the safety of the BMW 3 series in 2019. To this end, destroyed in the context of the development of several copies of the new 3er in a controlled and deliberately against the wall, driven to the Transferability of the countless simulations of theoretically determined values in the practice.

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