BMW Diesel: Software Update for Euro 5 Diesel (VIN Check)

The driver of the BMW Diesel the Euro 5 emission standard can check from now on whether a Software Update is available for your vehicle. With the help of the vehicle identification number (VIN) can any BMW driver on a dedicated Website to quickly find out whether or not the exhaust gases of the vehicle with a modified engine Software cleaner. For this purpose, the findings of the last years will be used at the time of the production of these vehicles are not yet available.

Even if it is always thrown in a pot, have the Software Updates for the Euro 5-do Diesel nothing to do with an illegal Manipulation as is the case with other manufacturers. The “affected” vehicles meet all the legal requirements of the Euro 5 emission standard, even without a Software Update. Nevertheless, the BMW Group, the engine Software now so that it also uses all in the meantime gained knowledge to Real emissions.

On the Website of the BMW shares under the Heading “Software update for Euro 5 Diesel models”:

The BMW Group is committed to constant improvements in air quality in Germany. So we have in the framework of the “National Forum Diesel” of the Federal government with representatives of the automotive industry at the 2. August of 2017, in addition to the participation in the financing of the Fund “Sustainable mobility for the city” also the participation to a voluntary Software update for the reduction of nitrogen oxides (NOx) emissions.

After the detailed consultation with the authorities, a Software update for certain Euro 5 is now available for Diesel models. The Software uses the experience and the technical development progress of Diesel vehicles in real operation, and improves the nitrogen oxide emission behavior, in particular at lower outdoor temperatures.

Directly to the VIN Check it comes along here.

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