BMW: driving simulation center in Munich starts in 2020

For the Simulation of numerous scenarios of road traffic, the BMW Group is planning a new driving simulation centre in Munich Milbertshofen. Already in 2020, the new center for driving simulations is to commence its operation. It is, according to BMW, the most modern plant of its kind. an Extremely powerful Computer to be able to “bring the street into the laboratory” and both the behavior of individual vehicles in complex traffic scenarios extremely to be able to realistically simulate.

The key to powerful Software in the field of Autonomous driving are countless simulated kilometers, in which the Software can the correct handling of various situations. A focus of the new driving simulation centre, the Simulation of highly dynamic evasive maneuvers with Longitudinal and transverse accelerations of up to 1.0 g. in addition, there is a High-Fidelity Simulator, with complex situations with several consecutive turn-off operations, under laboratory conditions to the test.

The test systems are installed in the driving simulation centre on a fixed vehicle model, which is, in turn, on a Dom-mentioned platform with a projection screen. The entire Dom is mounted on an electro-mechanically controlled Hexapod System and can not only in the Longitudinal and transverse direction but also be rotated. Together with a precise synchronization, the System is capable of very complex traffic situation for a realistic simulation. A realistic noise simulation completes the test bench and allows for realistic testing in a controlled environment.

The test runs can be carried out both by internal as well as external drivers, and thus the functioning of the systems from different points of view and evaluate. So is the new driving simulation center new assistance can experiment with systems already in place long before the first kilometers on the road realistically.

The new driving simulation centre invested a BMW around 100 million euros. It is part of the master plan, FIZ Future of the BMW Group is fit for the challenges of the future. The Plan looks to increase the research and innovation center, by 2050 in several steps to approximately 50 percent and to create better conditions for research and development.

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