BMW Group increases global sales in August 2018 2.1%

The BMW Group has continued the Trend of the last few months and managed to increase its global sales in August 2018 easily. With a total of 173.454 units with the brands BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce, the sales numbers grew by 2.1 percent, although currently, in some markets, significant winds, and not all of the Premium manufacturers reach their level of the previous year or even exceed them.

Responsible for the growth of the sales of the core BMW brand, the stand for 151.663 units or 3.2 percent over the same month last year was was numbers. The MINI brand also had in August 2018, keeping up your level of the previous year and stood at 21.529 vehicles sold, a 5.3 percent below the same month last year. Rolls-Royce sold 262 vehicles in the absolute luxury Segment and thus, as usual, not much to the absolute Figures of the company.

When looking at the model series of the BMW X3 G01 stands out enormously, thanks to an improvement in the global availability of the sales figures of the middle class increased SUV by a remarkable 73.3 percent on 17.447 units. Thus, the X3 in August 2018 alone for 11.5 percent of BMW sales. Overall, the X-models 57.129 units, 14.3 percent over the same month last year, and for 37.7 percent of Total sales. Continue to be positive, the BMW 5-series, which grew in August by 13.9 percent to 27.715 units, and hence the X3 clearly was behind designed.

Pieter Nota (member of the Board of management of BMW AG, responsible for sales and brand BMW): “in Spite of challenges and extremely competitive conditions in some major markets, the BMW Group has achieved both in the reporting month and since the beginning of the year, a slight sales plus. Our sales of electrified vehicles recorded significant growth, with an increase in deliveries to more than 60% compared to August of last year.”

Significantly, the sales of electric cars and Plug was increased in Hybrids. Worldwide 11.669 vehicles with electr sold powertrain, which represents an increase of 62.3 percent. Since the beginning of the year, worldwide sales increased by 43.3 percent to 82.977 units. The share of total sales grew compared to the same month last year, from just over 4 to almost 7 percent.

Pieter Nota: “These Figures underline that we are on the best way to reach our target of 140,000 electrified deliveries this year. And the customer demand continues to rise. In Norway, we have launched a pilot project, the BMW iX3, whose production is scheduled to start in 2020, via the App pre-order. Within less than two weeks have already registered approximately 1,000 Norwegian customers, including a Deposit of €1,600 for the first pure electric BMW’s core model.”

From a regional perspective, the BMW Group was able to increase in August of 2018 for the disposal of the relevant regions. While Europe and America have increased only slightly, resulted in a 12.9 percent growth in China for the largest pulse. China was able to expand its already confidently established role as the largest single market and stand alone for more sales than the markets number 2 (United States), and 3 (Germany).

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