BMW i3 120Ah: 42.2 kWh to 359 km NEDC range

Five years after the market launch, and only a year after the Facelift, the next major Update for the electric car of BMW I. Starting in November of 2018, it is comes installed with the BMW i3 120Ah in the underbody of the BMW i3s and i3 of the next battery Generation, with a capacity of 42.2 kWh for a further significant increase in range. According to the NEDC, the distance between two charging processes increases to up to 359 km, WLTP, the BMW manages to i3 120Ah with a fully charged battery for up to 310 miles.

Because BMW i holds neither the “old” NEDC – the new WLTP cycle for really practical to give the Munich-based in addition to the official values continue to be a BMW-internal standards determined “range under everyday conditions”. This honest value increases for the BMW i3 and i3s 120Ah to 260 kilometers, for comparison with the competitors, the practice in the more distant Cycle will play but for sure also in the future, the more important role.

BMW i3 120Ah: 42.2 kWh to 359 km NEDC range

In a traditional household socket at 2.4 kW of charging power with the larger battery of the BMW i3 120Ah can be brought in around 15 hours to 80 percent. With the BMW i Wallbox, and up to 11 kW charging power of 80% is reached after 3.2 hours. At a quick charging station using direct current (DC) and a load power of 50 kW of High-voltage batteries can be brought within a period of only 42 minutes to 80 percent.

In addition to the larger and faster rechargeable 42,2 kWh battery that is synonymous with the production-end for the previous 94Ah variant and also for the BMW i3 REx with Range Extender, there is from November 2018 is still a few more Updates. Newly on Board the BMW i3 2019 adaptive LED headlights with Matrix technology, the hide at speeds above 70 km/h other road users in a targeted manner and, therefore, significantly more likely to be using the light can be used. Also on Board of the new i3 with Adaptive LED headlights, automatic high beam assist and cornering lights.

The Infotainment System iDrive with the Update to the BMW i3 120Ah there is a newer Software with Live tiles in the main menu, optional Wi-Fi Hotspot and Wireless Charging for Smartphones under the Qi-Standard. The color Palette is complemented by Jucarobeige with accents in Frozen Grey, to match there is now also the seat upholstery in carum grey and interior trim strips in Electronic Brown.

For the BMW i3 120Ah from November 2018, also a new sport package. It includes the chassis of the BMW i3s with a 10 mm lower ride height, and track widening, as well as specific springs, dampers and stabilizers. Rounding out the sport package with 20 inch large light metal wheels, on which a wider mixed tyres provide more traction.

BMW i3 120Ah: 170 HP | 7.3 s | 359 km NEDC | 285-310 km WLTP
BMW i3s 120Ah: 184 HP | 6.9 s | 330-345 km NEDC | 270-285 km WLTP

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