BMW iNext Vision Car 2018: a Double-look into the future

With the Vision of the Car to the BMW iNext, the developers of the BMW Group car is equal to a double view in the future. While the General design of the Exterior is understood as a quite serious Outlook to 2021, as announced production vehicle, looks up the interior a little further in the future. In the last few days, at four locations around the globe in the belly of a Boeing 777F presented Vision Car shows, where the journey for the BMW i want to go – much like the Vision Cars i3 and i8, one or the other Detail is still very futuristic.

One is the Vision of the Car in the Format of a BMW X5 on Board of a cargo aircraft, many of the Design elements almost petite, and even the 24 inch rims are not excessively large. The extremely flat headlights and rear lights add to the futuristic Look of the Front and rear, large glass surfaces characterize the Greenhouse, the A-pillar is very thin and a B-pillar is completely omitted. Like the i3, the BMW has iNext over in opposite directions opening doors. The joined kidneys are no air intake, within the blue border part of the sensor technology for Autonomous Driving is instead. Aerodynamic elements such as the large diffuser at the rear are color-emphasized.

BMW iNext Vision Car: a Double-look into the future

When looking through the wide-open doors much more reminiscent of a living room than a car. In the first row of chairs instead of a car are mounted to the seats, the centre armrest could also be a Coffee Table and the rear bench is more reminiscent of a Sofa as a functional, optimized Seating. For a series vehicle, essential Features, from sliding front seats to Adjust the seat position, have omitted the Designer aware of. Instead, the interior is as feel-good Zone staged in the relaxation and comfort are the focus.

The cosy living room-atmosphere, in Spite of hiding in the interior of the BMW Vision iNext lot of High-Tech a philosophy that sums up BMW under the name of Shy-Tech. Examples of this are the already-mentioned Coffee-Table and the rear bench, for the first inconspicuous surfaces are touch-sensitive and can be used as the Touch interface of today’s iDrive controller to the input. Colored elements do not light up when using the wood or the fuel and thus give Feedback to the entries. Of course, in addition, a large touch screen, the gesture control and voice control can be activated BMW’s Intelligent Personal assistant ready.

Not, the developers have dispensed with a classic steering Wheel. This remains in the relaxed Ease-mode, exactly like the pedals in the Background, both of which can be made by activation of the Boost mode is ready to use. Why, in a self-driving car like the BMW steering Wheel iNext needs to be installed, explain the developers also: Autonomous Driving will not work, at least in the next few years everywhere in the world, so that there is actually no steering Wheel is needed. Prerequisites a combination with the still not widely available 5G network, precise maps and, of course, a traffic situation, which can be a Computer proficient including – what’s on the motorway is relatively simple, is in the city traffic of Paris or Rome or Cairo is completely different.

To drive the series-iNext in the year 2021 BMW reveals so far, only a few vertices. It is clear that it is a car with pure electric drive, it can accelerate in less than four seconds from 0 to 100 km/h. The range should, according to the WLTP is significantly more than 600 kilometers, and hence the range anxiety, the concern most motorists calm down. Carbon is integrated to play a smaller role than in the case of the BMW i3, but is similar to that of a current 7 series with Carbon Core technology structurally. What is the name of the vehicle is also still unclear.

Who is not up to the market launch of the certainly, in some points, forget the series version of the BMW iNext 2021’d like to wait for BMW to be two complementary options to the current model range: next year comes the new MINI-E in 2019, as three doors on the market, the end of 2020, following the mid-class SUV BMW iX3 with more than 400 kilometres of WLTP-range at about 200 kW system power.

Klaus Fröhlich (member of the Board of management of BMW AG for development): “The individual mobility is facing big changes. The possibilities of Autonomous driving and the progressive networking of allow on the road to completely new experiences and ways to make the journey. Accordingly, we designed the purely electrically powered BMW Vision iNEXT as the mobile space the quality of life – as a new “favorite place”, we are self-determined and relaxed. Because man, with his needs and Want of mobility in the future is the centre of all the aspirations of BMW.”

Adrian van Hooydonk (head of BMW Group Design): “BMW i’s task is to generate creative and innovative ideas that change the way we think about mobility. The BMW Vision iNEXT is another big step on the way of this Transformation, showing how intelligent vehicles our life easier and more beautiful.”

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