BMW iNext Vision: a New Teaser ahead of its world premiere on Sunday

The Premiere of the BMW iNext Vision Car throws its shadow before it – and not just from the extreme height of the for the world premiere of converted Boeing 777F from Lufthansa Cargo, but also in the Form of multiple Teaser Videos. Even before the world premiere on Sunday, we see the Front and rear of the study, which is intended to provide a concrete Outlook for 2021, announced series vehicle. The side view of the vehicle was already some time ago in the Form of a Silhouette is shown for the first time.

As our Screenshots from the Teaser video, is expected to be in the BMW iNext to a vehicle concept with generous space and a slightly elevated Seating position. The Front is of extremely flat lights and a blue-illuminated double-kidney shaped, whose single kidney, as in the case of BMW iX3 and i4 substantially connected to each other. Hard to imagine, moreover, that the front apron has at their outer edges on the air intakes for the Air Curtains for airflow around the front wheels.

The rear end is characterized by extremely flat rear lights, which have an L-shape, and so for a BMW-typical night-optics. In the rear, blue diffuser-integrated elements, which take the place of the tailpipes of conventionally powered vehicles and thus again significantly on the electric drive of the vehicle are apron.

The electric drive with high range, however, is not the main feature of the BMW iNext to make, especially with his skills in the field of Autonomous driving. Exactly what BMW is planning here to be able to with the BMW, a similar pioneer iNext role, as it did with the i3 and i8 play, we learn, hopefully, on Sunday.

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