BMW iNext World Flight: First impressions of the Premiere

For the world premiere of the BMW iNext BMW and Lufthansa have chosen the Cargo is a very special place: The belly of a Boeing 777F cargo plane was to the stage for the BMW iNext, which can travel in the same space around the world. On Sunday, the BMW iNext World-Flight in the Munich home of the Vision of the Cars started, in the meantime, the space for the world has arrived premiere long ago in North America. The completion of a stop in China, before the study is again flown back to Munich.

On the shown to us vehicle, we are not allowed to tell at this point, because the final world premiere in China has not yet taken place. However, we want to take the opportunity and at least some impressions of the presentation to convey, because such a place for the world premiere of the car has not seen the world yet.

The photos we now show, provide no information on the BMW iNext Vision Car, but the approximate shape is already on the Teaser photos and Videos of the last week, good to see. Without the vehicle, the photos provide some evidence, because, of course, is no object without a reason to Board the cargo plane – the one or the other accessory could, therefore, seem suddenly familiar, if, after the Beijing stop, the Features and the Design of the Vision of the Car on photos shown and discussed in detail.

Generally speaking, we can say that the Vision of Cars of the BMW Group are not to be confused with the Concept Cars. Take the example of today’s BMW i8, initially, there was the quite specific, but many of the Details series remote , BMW Vision EfficientDynamics, the BMW i8 Concept and a little later the series production vehicle. The latter we may expect in the case of the BMW iNext 2021. Whether there will be in the meantime, a near-series Concept Car, it remains to be seen.

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