BMW M-chief: Markus Flasch follows Frank van Meel

After nearly four years at the head of M GmbH, Frank van Meel is handing over his Post to Markus Flasch. The new head of BMW M GmbH takes over the management of the fastest letter in the world 1. October 2018. Markus Flasch, most recently as the development Director of the BMW 8-series, previously, he was head of the quality management system of the BMW, the upper-class series.

Frank van Meel remains in a leading Position for the BMW Group and takes over from 1. October 2018, the responsibility for the development of the area of the overall vehicle. His Job, as head of M GmbH, van Meel had on 1. January 2015 started, prior to that, he was Audi as head of quattro GmbH.

Under the direction of Frank van Meel, the M GmbH has developed, among other things, the extremely sporty all-wheel drive M xDrive for series production. Of the in several modes, but always tail-heavy work at the end of four-wheel drive with fully variable distribution of power debuted in the BMW M5 F90, he will in a timely manner, but also in the three variants of the BMW M8 and the Performance SUV, BMW X3 M and X4 M for superior traction on any terrain to worry about without the earlier, for all-wheel drive typical of the fun-compromises to demand.

Under the leadership of Frank van Meel was also the offer of the erreichbareren and everyday life more suitable for M Performance Automobiles greatly expanded, which is why, ultimately, the paragraph of the M GmbH to more than 80,000 units have been increased.

Coinciding with the change at the top of the M GmbH, BMW announced announced a new head for the currently third-largest single market of the company. The new head of the sales region Germany, Sebastian Mackensen, 2015 for the MINI brand responsible. The previous head, Peter van Binsbergen will be from 1. October 2018 responsible for the worldwide after-sales business of the BMW Group.

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