BMW USA takes all the Diesel models from the program

In Europe, Volkswagen triggered a Diesel-scandal is now becoming more and more BMW customers in the United States. Although the BMW in the Diesel scandal, so far, of all the accusations of deliberate Manipulation or even fraud acquitted , the other car manufacturers caused reputational damage for the Diesel engine as such, the BMW Group. The demand for efficient, and not only in terms of CO2 is long gone detonators very low-emission auto brand across the felt back, which also has an impact on the Diesel sales figures of BMW.

In the United States, the consequences seem most likely to be bearable, after all the Diesel in the US market was never as important as in Europe. Nevertheless, it is the in experience brought news worthy of note: BMW USA will, in the future, on the supply of Diesel engines and current Diesel models until Further notice from the program. Reason for this are the further decline in Diesel demand, which almost inevitably leads to higher sales figures for the diesel and Plug-in Hybrids.

With the end of the current 3-series Generation, the F30 in a few weeks, the previous 328d with four-cylinder Diesel disappear. Just as in the case of the BMW X5 xDrive35d F15 is still no final decision as to whether the Diesel variant in the new models G20 and G05 a successor. Currently, there is little reason, however, for, after all, for a speedy turnaround in Diesel demand in the United States, there is currently no evidence.

The third victim of the BMW Diesel-a retreat in the U.S., the current BMW 540d xDrive G30, will not be offered in model year 2019, and already from the BMW US Website has been removed. The 5-series with in-line six-cylinder Diesel celebrated only in February, its market start, a great interest for perhaps the most efficient 5 series variant not shown, the Americans since then, but.

How it goes will depend largely on the results of the market research, Without the Diesel models on the market can only be suspected that one day there will be a sufficiently large demand. If BMW USA on the Basis of conjecture and convince, to start the Experiment with Diesel again, it remains to be seen.

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