BMW X5 G05 family reunion: Four generations in the image comparison

Twenty years ago, the world looked from today’s perspective, but amazing in a different way: text message, you wrote to – if at all – by T9, Internet routers, were when you Start worrying dial-up noises, and AOL gave it as a CD at the supermarket checkout. Most of the Tech news of the turn of the Millennium appear to us today as a matter of course. Similar to the case with a view of the car world – it is quite clear that BMW sells around the car to the X5 a whole range of successful site. Always has been so. Or not?

Of due: To its Premiere in 1999, in Atlanta, the BMW X5 E53 was as a true revolutionary, got in PR Jargon, the Munich-based equal even its own category of vehicle, “The X5 is not just a completely new BMW type, he is the first Sports Activity Vehicle, also a new type of vehicle. His Refinement is a generic term for breed, elegance, Finish, Design and character, gives the X5 a proprietary position in the overall market,” it said in the Original press kit.

After that all went on strike: because also, when the first X5 was a better road car than off-roader, he sold the first day excellent. Until the model change in 2006, more than 617.000 customers opted for the SAV. The engine range has been revised steadily: in addition to a Six – and eight-cylinder petrol engine from 2001 BMW X5 3.0 d with a 184-HP inline six-cylinder Diesel.

After six years of construction, it was finally time for the first model change. The BMW X5 E70 made in the Design a big step forward and with more succeeded the proportions of the certain Experimental character of his predecessor.

BMW X5 E70: more Sporting driving behaviour and technical finesse

Technical refinements, such as adaptive dampers, an optional Head-up Display, or the behavior of active steering secured the second X5 to continue its technological leadership role and made sure of it with a much sportier driving. 728.640 specimens rolled to 2013 in South Carolina from the Band as to date, the only X5 E70 reached the full industry-standard production time of seven years.

Over the nearly still current BMW X5 F15 there is not at this point, a lot of rekapitulier to say, only so much: with its modern assistance systems and modern engines with a performance spectrum from small sDrive Diesel with 231 HP on the nature of massive 575 HP V8 in the BMW cover X5 M to the stylish Plug-in Hybrid xDrive40e would have a Generation number three held easily until 2021. And despite the five years of construction, the F15, with almost 760.000 units is considered to be the most successful X5 of all times.

His successor, presented in these days in Atlanta, the world press, he has not made it definitely easy. Nevertheless, engineers continue even with the new BMW X5 G05 the Tradition of the “great step forward” in an impressive way. Even more driver-wizard, more comprehensive connectivity solutions, yet more refined, independent Design.

In spite of the massive double kidney grille, the new edition looks overall a bit more compact and elegant, to appear, despite a substantial increase in dimensions in a direct comparison, even something more delicate than in the past. In November, the new BMW X5 comes on the market, for the first time with an optional off-road Package trips for serious Terrain. “You always did”, it means then in twenty years ‘ time. Or not?

Jonas Eling

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