BMW Z4 Coupé: Photoshop design shows sneaker-G29

It comes or it doesn’t? The BMW Z4 Coupé belongs in addition to a new edition of the BMW Z4 M Roadster-arguably one of the most dreamed Dreams in connection with the internal G29-called sports cars, the Nordschleife, recently already as the Z4 M40i in significantly less than 8 minutes mastered. As a new BMW Z4 Coupé in the Tradition of the legendary and as a “sneaker” is either loved or hated the Z3 coupes might look like, shows a current Photoshop-design by Rain Prisk Design.

The Designer has made the Roadster is virtually the coupe and give it a flassende roof line missed, resulting in a dynamic Shooting Brake-rear. The L-shaped back is the most contentious Element lights are probably because Rain Prisk has extended to the top of the tailgate and its light band to the inside, which reminds at first glance, more like station wagons from Sweden than to BMW.

Whether it is actually a BMW Z4 Coupé comes in the trade, is currently in the stars. Sure, the new Z4 G29 is the technical Basis of the new Toyota Supra J29 (below) and the conversion to a coupe would, therefore, not a very difficult task. It is unclear, however, whether the contracts between BMW Group and Toyota on a Z4 coupe would allow – at the moment it seems more likely that BMW will offer the Z4 exclusively as a Roadster, and thus a direct duel with the closely related, but only as a Coupé, available from Supra is out of the way.

The official Statements from Munich to be there but no indication: in the case of the Z4 E85 is the possibility of a Z4 coupe was denied long and hard before the Facelift turns out the Z4 coupe was presented to Hope and to Dream is allowed in the case of the new Z4-Generation G29.

(Photoshop-Design: Rain Prisk / Photo: Toyota)

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