BMW Z4 Roadster: New Live photos to the G29 in dark grey

A few days before the European Premiere in Paris, one of our readers caught the new BMW Z4 G29 standing in front of a supermarket in Munich. The prototype is wearing only surround the Logos, the make, formally, the manufacturer of the vehicle is unrecognizable, even when any reasonably Interested parties should be clear which manufacturer is for the sports car with a double-kidney responsible.

On the first everyday photos, we see again and again in the preliminary range-topping BMW Z4 M40i, which is also without a corresponding model lettering clearly visible. Accents in Cerium Grey to complement the M sport package, the M sport brake calipers with blue brake and exhaust system with trapezoidal tailpipes also point to the Performance of the M40i with 340 HP strong six-cylinder and many components from the current M-models.

Interesting, the photos are, because we get a further impression of the BMW Z4 G29 with the roof closed. The black fabric roof is designed so that the rod just below the substance emerges. So, the Roadster manages to look even with the roof closed are very elegant.

For more Details on the third Z4-Generation BMW wants to on 19. September communicate, and then the weaker four-cylinder variants of the BMW Z4 sDrive20i and Z4 sDrive30i might be presented. Presumably there is, then, the first photos without the M sport package. By the beginning of October, we will be at the Paris auto salon in 2018, more images. Until then, recommends itself to all interested parties our Interview with product Manager Andreas Ederer, we already have the open-top two-seater could talk.

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