Charly Lamm: Interview goodbye from the Command

With Charly Lamm, one of the big names adopted in the history of BMW Motorsport from the command – in retirement. The longtime team Manager of Schnitzer Motorsport is associated with many Successes inextricably and for many Fans of BMW Motorsport to the inventory as he sat for the first time, stand on Command, so was the car of some of the followers of BMW in touring and long-distance Sport, not born.

In parting, there is now an official Interview, BMW Motorsport, the delivers in addition to a brief review of some insights into the reasons for the change in the retirement. This Charly Lamm provides there is also reason to believe that we will continue to see him on the side of BMW Motorsport – not on Command and not as regular as in the last few decades, but at least from time to time. A new role for the former Schnitzer team boss seems to be not excluded, finally, the current BMW Motorsport boss Jens Marquardt appreciate the infinite experience of Charly Lamm.

Charly, it is hard to imagine that you no longer have to sit stand, the BMW Team Schnitzer at the Command. What led to your decision?
Charly Lamm: “First of all, Here at the sachsenring, I was sitting on the pit wall – and that with full dedication for the Team. But I had been bothering me for some time how my future might look like. I am now 63, since I was 17. The age of the Motorsport my life. There remained for Private a lot of time. On the other hand, it is for a racing team like Schnitzer Motorsport is extremely important to go with the time and young, modern structures. The racing is simply changing permanently. I felt it now as the right time for the Team and me, to take this step. My thanks go to Herbert Schnitzer is a senior who has given me my long and exciting journey in Motorsport.“

How has BMW Motorsport is not responding?
Lamb: “BMW Motorsport has signalled that it supports the generation of change. It also made me Jens Marquardt in one of our many discussions, that it is his great desire was to me, my experience of BMW Motorsport to bring in – regardless of what role I have in the Team Schnitzer. This made me very happy, and I can imagine very well. The support by BMW for our team and also the personal appreciation of my Person, in this context, mean a lot to me. The reactions from the BMW Motorsport family to our notice have brought many great memories back. We had and have together a great time.“

Can someone like you really racing?
Lamb: “In my chest two hearts: one for BMW and one for the Schnitzer Team to beat. This will also remain always so. I have to thank BMW, in my racing time very much, and I am the brand continue to be with all my heart. Jens and I will consider in the coming weeks, as a new role for me in this context might look like. Of course, I’m also Herbert Schnitzer junior in the case of questions with advice and act to the side. But first, it is important to bring the ADAC GT Masters season with full-force and the BMW flags in Macau.“

You can see Schnitzer Motorsport is well prepared for the future?
Lamb: “Yes, the direction we are taking with Schnitzer Motorsport, right. In this context, it is an important building block in that BMW Motorsport was involved at an early stage in the Deliberations on the future of Schnitzer Motorsport. This exchange has been very important because we naturally have a close bond to each other. The colleagues from Munich, Germany to support us, so that we can reach our common goal: the Carver-a history of success as a BMW Team in world touring car and GT racing to continue. In this regard, there are already one or the other fascinating Consideration for the coming year. The team is motivated as ever. Many years of experience meets fresh ideas and innovations. This is the recipe for success in Motorsport.“

This weekend, they are, for the penultimate Time this year in the ADAC GT Masters. How is your current season conclusion?
Lamb: “We are experiencing a season of highs and Lows. The Highlight Spielberg was, of course, as we were able to bring all four of the Schnitzer driver on the Podium. There we have shown that we can compete with the BMW M6 GT3, in principle, as in the previous year. However, we have also seen some races where we were not the Maximum of our possibilities. The effect in such a highly competitive series like the ADAC GT Masters, then felt. In any case, we want to conclude the season in the races with positive experiences and results.“

How do you rate this year’s project countryside of Carver and what would you want for the future?
Lamb: “of Course, our departure from the tour was a sports car with a cut for the Team. But Schnitzer was also has always been in international GT sports. Therefore, it is not difficult for this new role. Since 2017, we have met the ADAC GT Masters as an exciting challenge in the GT Segment. There, we were taken as a Team super. Was added to our racing program through inserts in the case of international classics, such as the 12-hour race at Bathurst, or the GT world final in Macau. Add to this the tasks and activities that you don’t know in Public, perhaps not so, about the support in development tasks. Of course, a 24-hour race at the Nürburgring would be from my point of view the Team is good. The same is true for other start-UPS in international GT sports. Because of this love for the ‘Green hell’ on the one hand, and to race around the globe on the other hand, have the Team and me has always been driven.”

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