Driving report BMW X5 xDrive30d G05: The great technicians

Morning rush hour in Atlanta – rigid speed limits, traffic jam on three of the six Highway lanes, and right at the beginning of our test drive with the new BMW X5 xDrive30d has an important insight: the latest representatives of the Munich SUV a-class and a real technician. A car for one plate, for customization-Lovers, and GPS-Marker-setter and chassis Configuration. In short: a qualified companion for all those whose interest in the automobile is not exhausted already in the choice of exterior color. But after the series.

First of all, we draw the logical consequences from the early-morning Highway-mess with us and travel left to the full in the test car built-in assistance systems. Under the package name “Driving Assistant Professional” summarises BMW for 2,600 euros for the whole program available Helfs sensors. The new BMW X5 holds a reliable distance and the track, even with sparse markings, steering relies on evasive manoeuvres, to comply with the applicable speed limits and driving in Stop-and-Go-situations, without the affirmative position of the accelerator pedal tap.

What sounds clear to Autonomous Driving, requires, however, always a Hand on the controls and drivers of attention – the autonomy stage three of the BMW X5 G05 is not reached according to the current state. In addition, the SUV, in Germany at least must forgo as a result of new guidelines on the 5-series and co. well-known lane-change assistant. The X5 warns of cross-traffic, against the disregard of right-of-way streets threatening and can also brake in the event of sudden vehicle requiring the pilots independently, the hazard lights and activate an emergency call.

We use the stock of Highway traffic for a couple of basic classifications: the new BMW X5 is based on the 7-series, X3 and co. well-known CLAR-platform. Compared to its predecessor, it has increased in all dimensions significantly: 36 millimeters in length (4,92 meters), 66 mm in width (2.00 meters) and 19 mm in height (1.75 meters). According to generous, the space covered cushions on the standard Leather, and in the 650-litre boot, with an optional third row of seats. Quality of material and Workmanship leave absolutely nothing to Desire.

Just five years of the previous BMW X5 F15 was on the market and has secured however, with almost 760,000 units built, the title of the most successful X5 Generation. Clear somehow that the model, due to “jump cannot be limited to the front” just a bit more space and the Design-art to this mass from all sides is even finer appearance. No, the new X5 can be much more, and that is a good thing. For Example, Driving.

BMW X5 xDrive30d: LG-Finesse, sovereign Diesel

From the factory all engines series for the first time as standard with adaptive dampers. The suspension tuning is an undeniable Highlight, as you would expect from BMW. In comfort mode, the new BMW X5 to cushions is extremely sensitive, especially in combination with the newly developed two-axle air suspension for sublime comfort. We leave the Highway. Winding country roads, sport mode, BMW-Terrain. Also thanks to the for the first time in the X5’s optional Integral active steering, the new BMW X5 G05 curves beneath which rivers flow, with significantly increased momentum, feels light-footed and agile; more to the mid-size sedan than two tons of SUV. In connection with the new xOffroad package M sport differential is added also when it comes to civilian entry-level engine xDrive30d on the rear axle and reduces the Curve, the grip loss.

At all, the engine. While international turbo diesel xDrive40i certify the largest market shares, on average, the German highway operation, of course, there is no way on the self-detonator. Why, finally, the SCR-catalyzed BMW X5 xDrive30d is not only clean and efficient, but on top of that vigorously in the commencement. 265 HP and a hefty 620 Newton metres of torque is available on demand and push the new X5 in 6.5 seconds to reach a speed of one hundred. The standard, in the new model’s eight-speed Steptronic refined sorted point used just the gears. Quite clear: more power, no human need, even if it is difficult, not the appeal of the four-turbochargers of the M50d to a halt – at least until the view in the price list…

New xOffroad package: At the touch of a button ready for the Rough

After the lunch break, in the wooded outskirts of Atlanta, the X5 shows that the developers have engaged not only with the everyday Performance. Rather, the spread and variability of the new chassis moves the options, the separating line of the car between the SUV and off-road. With the combination of the xOffroad package and the air suspension, the X5 can be equipped-namely, properly adventurous, and for the first time, even in the official accessory store with all-terrain tires. Four driving modes for different surfaces on the center console to adjust, in addition to a further switch, the level of the total of 80 mm height adjustment, regulated way.

Here, too, the networking of the individual components: Head-up convinced Display and instrument panel to show relevant off-road information, such as the degree of tilt of the vehicle. The 360-degree camera also has a terrain feature, and the car can be from different angles view. Other relevant keys: the front camera activation for steep passages, as well as the mandatory downhill driving aid – like I said, the new X5 is a one-digit car.

We pump the test car to the highest level, select the driving mode, xRocks and plunge us into the forest. Narrow, steep and confusing the Test Trail between the trees, slaloming. The all-wheel drive system distributes variable the force between the liability willingly most wheels, the front camera is protected from loss of orientation as to see through the windshield, only the Green of the treetops. While the variable slope uncontrolled Rutschereien prevents downhill driving assistant scharrend at the steep, growing the Regret that, at least in our latitudes, only a very few X5 customers will ever know of your own experience, what is your all-terrain SUV is actually capable of.

We save us at this point, the tantalizing Transition from the forest to the urban jungle, in the, the most BMW X5 G05 the majority of your car’s life are likely to spend. Instead, we devote ourselves entirely frills-free the functions, with those of the new X5 in everyday life effect the operation masked its dimensions, mainly, by taking on sensitive tasks. Parking, for example. So can the standard Parking Assistant , the last 50 meters of way through narrow driveways to remember and then the next time you travel independently, in addition to taxes. Also a relief: he who rolls a day from a blind driveway onto the road, can put in the appropriate place a GPS Marker so the line will automatically be the Front-View camera is activated.

BMW Operating System 7.0: Everything you want

A further celebrates its Premiere in the new BMW X5, the Operating System is 7.0. A Central Element of the further-developed operating system, two 12.3-inch monitors. For analog Tacho-purists, who consider the transition to the digital instrumentation is critical to break hard times. In order to create more space for navigation instructions and Info tiles in the field of view of the driver, the back of the speedometer and tachometer to the edge of the monitor – a matter of opinion, in the truest sense of the word. Apart from that, the System provides a new menu structure, individual adjustment options and advanced networking with BMW ConnectedDrive. In addition, the X5 with the optional “Digital Key” of up to five shared drivers can also be operated via Smartphone via Near Field Communication to unlock.

The slightly higher prices for the entry-level model BMW X5 xDrive30d now start at 69.200 euros, offset by the truly extensive range of standard equipment from the navigation system to leather upholstery, to the Parking assistant. As usual, list a lot of tempting Extras that push the price further in the airy heights are to be found in the price – but in order for the customization to have expected-fell in love one plate, and chassis Configuration is safe for a long time.

Jonas Eling

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