For more safety: the BMW self-driving reveals a motorcycle

At first glance, you may ask, what is the point to have a self-driving motorbike. While Autonomous driving can transport your cars to their occupants and their Luggage in a relaxed, affects the free-completely without driver on the road driving a BMW motorcycle in the Video first, more sense – especially since it is also difficult to imagine that the driver of a Bicycle relaxed while driving, reading the newspaper, or even a NAP.

BMW Motorrad sees the project not only as an impressive Demonstrator of your own abilities, but in fact, as the basis for new assistance systems. The technology of self-driving motorcycle is able to detect critical situations in advance and warn the driver before the device in a controlled Situation. The offer of an Autonomous-driving mode is not planned in the series vehicle, for obvious reasons.

Away from the Autonomous motorcycle ride, BMW is working hard to make the road for the motorcycle rider is always safe. This also includes the development of components, the engine, wheels associate more closely with the cars for years used Car-to-X communication. Among other things, collision warnings can be in the future to make it easier to realize that the motorists on approaching motorcycles indications and so avoid accidents.

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Progress and Innovation when it comes to 3D printing, because the technique of additive process, will also play at the BMW Motorrad an increasingly important role. While vehicles like the BMW i8 Roadster on aluminum parts from the 3D printer , BMW is now equal to a fully 3D printed-manufactured motorcycle frame introduces. Also on two wheels your in the construct of opportunities that would not be with conventional manufacturing techniques is feasible.

High stiffness at a low weight but not only with the 3D printer, even the high-tech Carbon materials plays an increasingly important role. What is the BMW automobile i3 and i8, the M-models to the 7-series already for years in a series of plays in BMW motorcycle, especially in the High Performance area of a role. The BMW HP4 RACE use today the frame, swing arm and wheels made of Carbon, in the future, the material could also be in other machines.

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