Formula E 2018: the BMW iFE.18 for da Costa & Sims

The new BMW iFE.18 and his driver were presented a few minutes ago in the double cone of the BMW Welt. The most anticipated questions – next to the final Design of the racing car, related to the two pilots sitting in the fifth season of the formula E in the Cockpit of the electric racer. Now it is clear: The driver in the first formula E season of the BMW factory team hot Antonio Felix da Costa and Alexander Sims – two racers, who have for years been the driver of the squad of BMW Motorsport and their extraordinary abilities have already proven in various racing series.

From the BMW iFE.18, and his work is used in the formula E, the BMW Group is hoping for a Unit also benefits for the upcoming series vehicles of BMW I. During the battery of all the Teams, will take place in the area of the electric motor, a competition of the highest level, from the unit battery stored energy, the best overall Performance out of? It is not just about power and torque, but also to efficiency: Under certain circumstances, only in the last round, whether the calculations are risen, or whether a race car on the last meters to run out of power.

The drive experts at BMW i has developed electric motor of the BMW iFE.18 is strong enough to accelerate to around five meters long and one Meter of flat racing car in 2.8 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h. The maximum speed is depending on the aerodynamic Setup between 240 and 280 km/h, thanks to a new 54 kWh battery in the formula E the necessary change of vehicle in the middle of the race is superfluous, what is the formula E connects even more closely with conventional Motorsport series.

As in the last few years, BMW Motorsport will also use the now started work on the support of Andretti Motorsport. The claim is completely different from that in the last season: The BMW iFE.18 to be significantly more competitive than last year’s car and, in the ideal case, fight for wins. Whether this can succeed, it will show for the first time in mid-December at the beginning of the fifth season in Riyadh. The role as the Underdog is BMW, however, fully aware of the role of a favorite is with other Teams.

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