“Hey BMW”: voice control is an Intelligent Personal Assistant

Many functions of BMW iDrive for years, whether by voice control, the voice control itself, it could not be voice activated. As of March 2019, a voice command in series, the power of the touch of a button on the steering Wheel to Activate the voice input is superfluous, and to understand the vehicle, a voice input is to be made comes with “Hey BMW”. The virtual conversation partner is part of the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant and to not only be more easily activated, but also more features than the current language to master control.

The BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant is not only in the vehicle, but can also be used with Smart speakers in the apartment. Whether it’s Amazon, Alexa or other digital voice assistants, in the future, the BMW should be an integral part of the Smart Home and the connected world of his driver. In the BMW Open Mobility Cloud be collected constantly experiences, which are evaluated by artificial intelligence and the continuous improvement of the system. Remote Software Upgrade both phones, as well as the vehicle’s Software can be kept of the BMW iDrive, over-the-air up-to-date.

With the time BMW’s Intelligent Personal Assistant that learns the habits and routines of the driver to know and be able to see, within certain limits, earlier. For example, it is possible that the wizard preferences as in the case of certain temperature activated heated seats or frequently visited destinations such as the home address is noted and the driver in the appropriate context for putting forward appropriate proposals. The wizard does not need to be addressed with “Hey BMW,” you can give him other names, and him so a slightly more personal touch.

While many of the vehicle functions in the BMW were not, so far, by language use, the Intelligent Personal Assistant and responds to statements such as “I’m cold”. In addition, the assistant can answer many questions about the technology of the vehicle and should also respond to less serious inquiries as to the meaning of life. With statements like “Hey BMW, I’m tired” can be activated by the driver, a revitalization program that should Wake him up with the help of mood lighting, music and temperature.

Of course, the voice control will continue on all of the questions to respond, which are already available in current models by language control. Requests such as the remaining range, the desire for a new navigation goal, the Call of a stored in the Smartphone contact and the like already for a long time to the standard sizes of voice control and facilitate, in many cases, the distraction arms during the journey.

As of March 2019, the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant will be available in 23 languages and markets available. He is part of the BMW Operating System 7.0 (iDrive 7.0) and the BMW Live Cockpit Professional, which we already know from the new BMW 8er G15, the BMW X5 G05 and the BMW Z4 G29 . With the new BMW ConnectedDrive Package Professional, the functionality can be expanded with the addition of. Also in the new BMW 3-series G20in a few weeks at the Paris auto salon in 2018 is unveiled, the intelligent assistant. Vehicles with iDrive 7.0, which shipped prior to March 2019, can be comfortably over-the-air update.

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