LeaseRad instead of car: BMW brings employee on a bike

For less cars in the cities and healthier employees, the BMW Group is a start of the remarkable Initiative. From now on, employees at locations in Munich and Landshut, Germany special conditions for bicycles E can lease Bikes to cope with it on their daily way to work. The streets of unnecessary car should be exempt traffic, improve air quality and health will be promoted, and what sounds like the Initiative of the car manufacturer is quite unusual. Partners for the Leasing offer of the brand-independent provider of his company Bicycle is can choose, whereby the employees from a wide range of different two-wheelers.

The cost of the Bicycle or E-Bike can have the BMW staff for your next special payment charge or from your gross pay, which the lease is noticeably cheaper. Of course, BMW is also investing in the infrastructure for Cycling employees: In the FIZ in the North of Munich recently already been 760 additional Bicycle Parking spaces were created, including charging stations for e-bikes are already in active use. At Munich and Landshut, soon, other locations in Germany are to follow.

Milagros Caiña-Andree (staff, head of the BMW Group): “today, we Already recorded for our employees, a Trend the Bicycle and eBike that will get you through the BMW LeaseRad a further boost. According to our estimates, every Tenth BMW drives currently in Munich employees Cycling to work.
After the launch of the BMW LeaseRad we expect far-with six to eight Thousand users. employees from a bike or eBike to your Liking, we’ll lease as an employer, the wheel on the trading partners of his company Bicycle for three years, and leave it to the employees for free use. Be funded the Rates from the gross pay, giving the employee a distinct advantage.”

Manfred Schoch (Chairman of the General works Council of the BMW Group): “to bring This offer to our employees on the road, was for me a matter of the heart. I consider the bike to be an excellent additional means of transport, in particular on short-and intra-urban routes. Numerous studies have shown the Benefits of Cycling. We promote health, protect the environment and offer our employees for their individual mobility needs of an attractive offer.”

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