Martin Tomczyk drives the BMW M4 DTM on the Nordschleife

In the framework of the DTM race at the Nürburgring, celebrating not only the BMW X3 and BMW X4 M its Premiere as a prototype, the BMW M4 DTM has a very special appearance. Because while the DTM races were held on the comparatively short GP course of the nürburgring, was allowed to try the former DTM driver Martin Tomczyk on the legendary Nordschleife and was able to complete a small “test drive” the Green hell.

In the yellow BMW M4 DTM race taxi with flashy sponsors, Look of the German Post-Martin Tomczyk drove on Sunday Morning on the Nordschleife, as in the 1993 DTM races were held. Today, the organisers dispense with reference to the significantly faster that has become of the cars and the many manageable-sized run-off areas on a race in the Green hell.

Martin, how did it feel to drive a DTM car on the Nordschleife?
Martin Tomczyk: “The Nordschleife in a DTM car is a driver goosebumps. This was a very special first for me. I’ve driven many different vehicles on the Nordschleife. This weekend I was for the first time in a BMW M4 DTM in the ‘Green hell’ on-the-go. I must confess, I had quite a bit of jitter, because the Nordschleife is something completely different. A DTM vehicle is designed more for a flat track and sprint races. However, I was pretty fast on the road, simply because of the sensational aerodynamics, the a DTM-car. The Whole thing was a great challenge – and it was not so easy to keep the vehicle on the track.“

They are this weekend in the DTM for the German TV-station SAT.1 as an expert in the use. Did you like this excursion into the world of media for fun?
Tomczyk: “Absolutely. So far, I stand as a driver, always in front of the camera and the microphone, this time I had a completely different perspective. It is, of course, a new challenge, the power, on the one hand great fun, but also a conscientious preparation. The Crew of the SATELLITE.1 is extremely professional. Working with the Team was excellent. If the Fans, even with a fantastic race at the Nürburgring, then of course makes it twice as much fun as a TV expert.“

For you as a racer, the next stop is Japan. On the tradition-steeped track in Fuji, you will be competing in the FIA WEC with the BMW M8 GTE. What are your expectations for the race?
Tomczyk: “I have never denied, no race in Fuji. As you could in the last race at Silverstone will see, we are lacking in Performance a bit to the competition. It would be nice, of course, to fight in Fuji to finish on the podium. We are top prepared. I am really looking forward to it. I’m ready.“

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