Please smile: So speed cameras work in BMW M Town

Most people do not like a speed camera photo, but the inhabitants of the BMW M Town see things differently: A new Video shows that the typically annoying photo in M-Town, even for the ID card is needed – weshab it is quite appropriate, in front of the cameras, it is still short to make up, and finally, very deliberately, into the camera to smile.

The Star of the video is the new BMW M5 Competition F90 (for the article), we are already a couple of weeks ago on the race track, the Ascari and the streets of the ambient test were allowed to. The 625 BHP strong Power sedan occurs in the Individual painting, Zanzibar Metallic , the most in BMW M Town than ordinary paint. Some of the new advertising motifs provide us with more impressions of the city, in the “too much right” and drifting is part of the everyday life of the citizens.

Of course, not shown in the Video, for reasons of political correctness, that is the speed camera-photo is connected to a speed Violation. Instead, we may assume that the special cameras in M-Town, scanning every driver, because the Video is not to motivate to the deliberate Breaking of traffic rules.

Peter Quintus (Vice President of Sales and Marketing at BMW M GmbH): “With the continuation of the communicative success story ‘too much’ experience of our Fans the next Level of their emotional identification with our brand. “M Town” is a way of life, the BMW M has always characterized – ultimate enthusiasm, maximum Performance, and the courage to be Unconventional.”

Lothar Schupet (Director of Global Sales and Marketing BMW M): “BMW M lives of the shared passion of our Fans, for highly emotional products. With ‘M Town’ we are giving this enthusiasm with a creative space for individual Storytelling. We increase the brand identification of our loyal Community and at the same time creating a source of inspiration for new target groups.”

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