Rescue alley: Live note for first the 100,000 BMW drivers

The Live-note to Form a rescue lane reached already today, more than 100,000 BMW-driver. Via Software Update over-the-air, the first 100,000 vehicles were already equipped with the additional Feature, more vehicles with the 2015 built-in navigation system Professional and BMW ConnectedDrive will follow soon. The rescue streets-wizard is also a good example of how the security of the since years of active vehicle fleet can be optimized without a workshop visit.

The Rescue-ends-note appears only if the police asks active. The monitoring station, the police can inform the BMW ConnectedDrive monitoring station in real time where emergency services need in the immediate future, an emergency lane. Only seconds later, the current BMW models will appear on the Display an indication that prompts the timely Make up the emergency lane, and thus makes it clear that rescue workers approach the jam.

In the ideal case, the BMW driver to act as example for other motorists, and to provide actively for the formation of the emergency corridor, which allows in case of an emergency much faster help at the scene of an accident and can save lives. Currently, BMW is the only car manufacturer to offer its customers the appropriate function. In a timely manner, BMW Motorrad will follow, here the experts of the BMW Group are working streets also a Rescue-note in real-time.

Joachim Herrmann (Bavarian Minister of the interior and Integration): “Just in case of accidents, quick help is vital. There is often no rescue is made out of ignorance or insecurity alley. The rescue workers will cost you valuable time. The new rescue streets-note the vehicles of the BMW reminds motorists in a traffic jam to form a rescue lane, and supports the work of our forces and the emergency services.”

Klaus compass (head of vehicle safety at the BMW Group): “streets is Our new Rescue-note helps car drivers to react early and properly and thus helps to save lives. We are the first automotive manufacturer to offer this assistance function. A further component to increase with innovative technology, the safety on our roads.”

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