Rolls-Royce Phantom EWB: luxury Fund as a Privacy Suite

The rear-seat passengers in the Rolls-Royce Phantom Extended Wheelbase were not able to complain about a lack of space or luxury, with regard to the privacy but there was apparently still room for improvement. This area of the English close now with the Privacy Suite that protects the rear on the push of a button from prying eyes and, of course, interested ears of the driver.

Not without Pride, Rolls-Royce points out that, in the rear of luxury a number of important decisions limousines have already been taken. The electro-chromatic glass of the Rolls-Royce Privacy Suite is depending on the desired Level of privacy is either completely transparent, easily depressed, or completely blickdickt. Of course, the developers have also taken care to make the Privacy Suite so sound-proof as possible and to prevent discussions from the rear penetrate into the front part of the interior or to the outside.

For the communication between the two separate indoor spaces, there is an Intercom System that is primarily operated from the rear from the push of A button, to be able to from the rear with the driver or passenger talk. The Chauffeur should want to start a conversation, he can send a corresponding request to the Fund. The rear-seat passengers agree, the acoustic connection.

Also, there is an apparatus for ranging of documents and smaller items that can only be from the rear out of use. Two 12-inch Displays with connection to the vehicle-Infotainment are available for entertainment, your Signal can come via the HDMI terminal by other devices such as laptops.

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