Schnitzer Motorsport-Charly Lamm acts as a team leader back

For many friends of the endurance and touring cars-Sports will remain Charly Lamm always inseparable from BMW Motorsport, but day-to-day business, a new Wind is blowing from 2019. The longtime team Manager of Schnitzer Motorsport is handing over his position to 1. January 2019 at his own request, to the son of the team founder, Herbert Schnitzer junior. Until the official farewell at the end of the year, Charly Lamm accompanied the Handover, and will help to make the Transition as smooth as possible.

Under Charly Lamm, Schnitzer Motorsport celebrated in the past, countless successes and won stage victories in the series for BMW Motorsport. Unforgettable, the overall victories at the 24 hours of Le Mans in 1999, on the N├╝rburgring Nordschleife and in Spa-Francorchamps, the car title in the DTM and in the tour Championships, ETCC and WTCC, where BMW fought for victories, was often none other than Charly lamb stood on the Command.

Charly Lamm: “this decision has been anything but easy. In all the decades I’ve always dealt with the maximum success for the Schnitzer Team, and BMW. No motor sports challenge was too great for us. However, this was all great moments, a time of deprivation, in terms of the family and private life. Now it is time for me to to organize my priorities. My time in the Front line at Schnitzer is coming to an end. I had the privilege of Herbert Schnitzer, BMW Motorsport and our fantastic Team infinitely grateful for everything I experience on this trip.”

Herbert Schnitzer is the senior: “Motorsport is evolving – and the same applies with this generation change and a new strategic positioning for Schnitzer Motorsport. It is a new Era in the Team breaking. I am sure that we will be in the future, on behalf of BMW successful on the racetrack. This gives everybody in the team. A big thank you to Charly for all that he has for and with Schnitzer Motorsport in the past almost four decades.”

Herbert Schnitzer, junior: “I have great respect for my new job, looking forward but also very careful. Together with the Team, I will give everything to ensure that we will be celebrating in the future, a great success. The footsteps of Charly Lamm are great. Under his leadership, Schnitzer Motorsport has written more than once racing history. We want to build.”

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