Sport car: BMW Z4 M40i G29 drives Nordschleife in 7:55 Min.

Even before its official launch – with the exception of the First Edition – the new BMW Z4 M40i G29 the super sport car completed. Now the fast lap on the Nürburgring Nordschleife on Youtube, and all other information and the detailed description of the driving impressions by Christian Gebhardt will follow on Friday in the printed sports car. Perhaps the most important number there is, however, already today: The new Z4 circled the Nürburgring Nordschleife in 7:55,4 minutes.

Thus, the Roadster is already in its M Performance variant is significantly faster than the last BMW Z4 M and also the around the time of the 30 HP stronger BMW M2 coupe will offers several seconds: The compact-class athletes from Garching drove in the super test, a time of 8:01 minutes and was not able to crack the once-magical 8-minute mark. The latest Porsche 718 Boxster S with 350 HP and mid engine with a time of 7:47 minutes and some seconds faster than the new BMW Z4 M40i.

With its 340-horsepower in-line six-cylinder petrol engine in the BMW Z4 M40i is anything other than weak on the chest, but for many Fans of the Nordschleife is also clear: it Here up. The M2 comes with 370 HP in the race, as the M2 Competition are now even 410 HP and a once again significantly improved the front of the car at the Start. This is also sure that the M2 in 2019, will offer the 8-minute mark, if it is loaded from the sport auto super test.

Whether there will be a new edition of the BMW Z4 M Roadster, is currently still open. A final decision has not yet fallen, according to official statements, what allows at least a reading: Also a definite no yet. With the BMW S58-engine, the 2019 BMW X3 M and X4 M debut is, would the M GmbH in each case, a suitable engine. And although the BMW Z4 M40i already makes extensive use of the chassis technology from the M3 and M4, would think of the M-pros with security in this regard, the one or other improvement.

To Bridge the waiting time until the appearance of the sport auto super test on Friday can we also, of course, our Z4 G29 Pre-ride report recommend that is already a few months ago, after a test drive in camouflaged prototypes.

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