US advertising: Awakens the BMW 8er coupe, the sixth sense?

With two TV Clips BMW USA puts the new BMW 8er coupe G15 in the scene. In the center of the for the time being, only diesel to play in the US market, it’s main role is, of course. The 530 HP strong BMW M850 xDrive with double-charged V8 is supposed to be exactly to the liking of the American audience and will be made in the current advertising at eye-level with the five human senses.

In addition to the five well-known senses to See, Hear, Feel, Smell and Taste there is, therefore, a still further type from the point of view of the advertisers for the perception of Driving pleasure and responsible: The 8. Even if this sense is according to the speaker in the Video does not definitively describe, was he still present – and when it comes to BMW, should convince as many potential customers on a test drive with the BMW M850i of the existence of your sixth sense.

Embodies the new BMW 8er coupe in the US advertising of a M850i in the Launch color Barcelona blue Metallic, which is already at the world premiere in Le Mans prominently. Was a failure from our point of view, in advertising on the technical Highlights of the new BMW 8er coupe. Apart from the striking exterior Design of the campaign shows practically nothing from the new 8-seater, which is why you would be with any other vehicle imaginable.

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Exactly this arbitrariness is apparently also the advertising Agency is aware of, dennin of a second Version of the same subject the question is related to the sixth sense not only to the BMW 8-seater, but on the complete model range. In this 30-second version of it, therefore, goes to “The Ultimate Driving Machine” and not exclusively to the new luxury flagship:

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