Video comparison: BMW M5 Competition vs. Dodge Demon

Those who opt for a new car, for the same price often the choice between totally different vehicles and vehicle classes. At a similar price, for example, a BMW M240i convertible or a BMW 520d Touring. On the other level, and yet it is the same with BMW M5 Competition and the Dodge Demon, which is why the two completely different vehicles were compared in Canada. The 625-HP Business sedan from Germany meets an American force of 800 HP, which has one main goal: The quarter-mile in the shortest possible time to complete.

Under optimal conditions, the prestigious distance can be completed in under 10 seconds. For this to work, it was optimized at all corners and Ends – with narrower tyres on the driven front axle and a smaller brake system. Both the Performance harm on the racetrack, but for a good time on the quarter mile, you need neither a good turn-in behavior, yet powerful brakes.

It is also in the BMW M5 Competition to Performance, but in a much broader framework. Thanks to all-wheel drive and 625 HP strong V8-Biturbo he creates it according to factory specification in 3.2 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h, at the same time, but it has all the ingredients for lap times on an extremely impressive level of on Board: even without the Upgrades, the Competition Version of the BMW M5 F90 on the same level as the Ferrari 458 Italia.

At the same time, the BMW M5 Competition is the significantly everyday tauglichere car, with enough space for five people and the full program in terms of Infotainment and assistance systems of the current 5-series, he is the Dodge Demon was clearly superior. The strong Business sedan on the race track against the American demon, is defined the following Video:

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