VinFast: Vietnamese start with old BMW technology in Paris

With old BMW technology and Italian Design, the Vietnamese brand VinFast at the Paris auto salon in 2018, aims to. The young car maker from Vietnam in his first models, the technology of the BMW 5-series F10 and BMW X5 F15 and want to catapult to a respectable level. Combines the Premium technology of the previous generations of 5-series and X5 with an Italian Design by Pininfarina.

Be driven in both models by variants of the old turbocharged four-cylinder BMW N20, which has been replaced in Munich some time ago by the more modern modular Motor B48. In comparison to the use in previous BMW models, the N20 version of VinFast dispensed with the Valvetronic variable valve control, because the Vietnamese have not the appropriate license.

Combined the turbocharged 2.0-Liter gasoline engine with rear-wheel or all – wheel drive as the gearbox is the proven ZF is always eight-speed automatic. To be allowed to the vehicles in as many markets sell, VinFast impact, among other things, to the side and pedestrian protection is improved because the BMW 5 series F10 and BMW X5 F15 would otherwise no longer comply with all currently valid requirements.

With the Pilot production of the first two VinFast Cars should already be in March of 2019 began, and then the plant in Hai Phong. Already at the Paris auto salon in 2018, the Pininfarina Design for the sedan and SUV will be presented for the first time in full size to the Public, before, around a year later started the serial production.

David Lyon (designer Director of VinFast): “The body is characterized by its luxurious lines and exquisite Details, the VinFast out from the crowd. It’s all about the unique V-Symbol, which stands for Vietnam, VinGroup and VinFast. Together with Pininfarina, we have perfected every line, to ensure that both sedans as well as SUVs, the natural beauty and the open and dynamic nature of the country and the people of Vietnam through the current design language. We managed to great and international level.”

(Images & Info: VinGroup)

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