WLTP: BMW X3 M40i, thanks to OPF from now on, with “only” 354 HP

The changeover to the new fuel cycle, the WLTP is not only on consumption, in a few cases, the related emission limits, and the real consumption measurement in accordance with S also for less performance. The most prominent example of the BMW X3 M40i is, as here, the rated power from 265 kW / 360 HP drops to “only” 260 kW / 354 HP. Debt Integration of the gasoline particulate filter to Comply with the new limits for certain exhaust gas constituents is mandatory and the exhaust gas counter pressure is increased.

Of the gasoline particulate filter also affects the torque of the inline six-cylinder B58: Although the maximum torque of the BMW is X3 M40i unchanged 500 Newton-metres, it is but in a slightly narrower range of speed bands. Is reached, the torque is Maximum, and continue to be at an altitude of 1,520 Revolutions per Minute, the Plateau ends but now at 4,500 and not only at 4,800 U/min.

It is remarkable that the weight of the BMW increases X3 M40i, despite complex exhaust-gas cleaning: The DIN kerb weight is continue to 1.810 kg. In consequence of the lower engine power, the power to weight ratio worse still, of 5.03 5.11 kilograms per HP.

The standard fuel consumption under the WLTP is 9.1 liters to 100 kilometers and is almost a litre higher than under the old NEDC, as the X3 M40i was given with 8.2 to 8.4 liters on 100 kilometers. This is also the official CO2 emissions of 188 to 193 to 206 to 207 grams per kilometre, which makes the road tax is slightly more expensive the rise. The engine had also been in “only” the exhaust emission standard Euro 6, it corresponds to the latest state and meets the requirements of exhaust gas standard Euro 6d TEMP.

The driving performance of the BMW X3 M40i will not change with 354 HP call: The factory specification for the Sprint from 0 to 100 km/h is unchanged at 4.8 seconds, the top speed is limited as in the past, electronically limited to 250 km/h.

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