BMW 3-series G20: Live photos for the Luxury Line in dark grey

Many eyes are on the M sport package, but of course the new BMW deserves 3P G20 Luxury Line to catch our attention. For the time being the noblest variant of the new mid-size sedan is also on display at the auto salon in Paris in 2018 and remains optically clear, additional chrome elements for an elegant appearance.

At the first public appearance of the Luxury Line shines on a BMW 3-series G20 in dark grey, what kind of paint it is, exactly, we as quickly as possible. What is certain is that the Look of the sedan with Luxury Line fundamentally different from the sporty yet aggressive appearance with the M package is different and thus, in spite of a comparable technology in a quite different target audience.

What are the technology Features and equipment the BMW as a part of the Luxury Line offers is currently only in hints known. In any case, metal wheels, larger easily, the leather interior of Vernasca, the instrument panel and door panels in Sensatec, and fine wood interior trim strips for the Luxury Line.

As soon as we have further Details, we will update this post.

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