BMW 3-series G20: product Manager Stephan Horn in the Interview

The new BMW 3-series G20 comes in 2019, with a lot of new technology, a significantly modified Design, and a similar claim as before: The 3 series is supposed to be clearly the sportiest mid-size sedan in the world, but at the same time, in no other area of a willingness to compromise and demand. Regardless of whether Autonomous Driving, Infotainment, or efficiency of the 3 series remained in its seventh-Generation all-rounder that is any comparison with its competitors out of the way.

Where the focus of the development were, what was achieved and how the new technology works in Detail, could we discuss this already a few days ago with a product Manager, Stephan Horn. In our Interview, coming all the important Features of the BMW 3-series G20 for the language, which is why it for all its worth, so far no time to read our detailed presentation . The 3 series is a special car for BMW. The volume model, the core model and, if you want “the” BMW. In which disciplines you want to differ particularly significantly from the successful predecessor?
Stephan Horn: We wanted to develop in the topic of driving dynamics and one of the major Strengths more strengths. In the Design we wanted to keep the 3P-typical proportions, but us strong from the previous and from the current 5-series to differentiate. A third point, the innovations, the vehicle is equip the well for its entire life cycle. In the visible from the outside of innovations in the spotlight in the eye, which are always executed in LED technology. Optionally, there are even Laser headlights, which no one else is offering in this class.
Stephan Horn: Yes, the Laser headlights offer with about 530 meters, almost double the high beam range and are also equipped with Selective Beam, other traffic participants can therefore be hidden. In the interior, the two large Displays to fall before everything, including the Head-up-Display has become larger. All systems use the BMW Operating System 7.0. You can say that the new BMW 3 series in the area of Infotainment at least on par with the 5er on the road – if not even beyond that?
Stephan Horn: In its class, the 3 series is definitely outstanding In comparison to the 5er, the 3er is also now a step further, to the 5-series receives its next Update. This is the way of things, because the newer the car gets the latest state of the art. We can’t wait for the Integration in the 3 series for so long, until the systems are also integrated in all higher classes of vehicle. thanks to “Hey BMW” is also the voice control is even easier…
Stephan Horn: Yes, but not only. The vehicle learns with the Intelligent Personal Assistant for my practice, so, for example, at what temperatures I set the heated seats to what degree, how do I use the air conditioning and so on, the car we learn so much more intelligent, with. Also, where on my daily journey, I think, only briefly, for example at the barrier to the entrance of the office, and does not switch off the engine. Over time, we are over-the-air Software Upgrades and push to make the System more and more efficient and, therefore, the lives of our customers easier. The life easier, the assistance systems are supposed to do, what is the new BMW 3-series G20 in this regard?
Stephan Horn: let’s Start with the Park assistant that can now out of Parking spaces and a rear view wizard. If you want to go back on a narrow road or in a Parking garage, is not a Problem: At speeds below 36 km/h the last 50 meters are always saved and can be driven on the push of a button backward. Our Driving Assistant Professional now uses a trifokale camera and radar systems and goes To the next step in the direction of automated. The driver is still responsible, so it is still not Autonomous Driving, but the System supported in very many situations. This means that the vehicle can no longer drive autonomously, without the driver to re-grip the Wheel and ask?
Stephan Horn: Exactly. In Europe it is not allowed for regulatory reasons, but in the United States and China, the driver is allowed to runways extra-urban in the case of a structurally separate drive with at least two lanes of traffic up to 60 km/h unlimited “hands off” driving. As long as this is permitted in Europe, depends on the driving situation, up to half a Minute. The vehicle can also be by Digital Key opened and closed. Can you tell some more Details?
Stephan Horn: The Digital Key using the Near Field Communication technology, so NFC. He is first of all for various Samsung Smartphones. Up to five keys can be managed on a phone and, for example, limited to friends or Acquaintances. If I have several BMW’s in my fleet, I still have a phone with me and can use all of them. The Digital Key can open the car, close it, and also start, when the phone on the NFC Sensor in the phone tray is in front of the Cup holders. Display the Key from the other series, there is not in the 3 series, why is that?
Stephan Horn: we have not, because of the Trend, in our view, is already in the direction of the Smartphone. As an Alternative, there is of course a modern car key, but without a Display. a few months ago was to hear that the variety of models should be reduced to the BMW 3-series G20 by up to 80 percent. Can you name a couple of examples where variants-the wealth was reduced and quotations omitted?
Stephan Horn: This number is sure to be resorted to very high, but our goal is to reduce the complexity significantly. It starts with the fact that we have integrated many Features already in the standard equipment. Examples of this would be the lighting package with reading lights in the rear, and illuminated door handles, fold-down head restraints in the rear in the ratio 40:20:40-split rear bench, floor mats, USB connections instead of the Aux-In connections, already 8.8-inch Infotainment Display and much more. Other topics to be coupled, for example, the sport steering, and it is only in conjunction with sports suspension or adaptive sports suspension are available, while the base steering can only be used with the base suspension combined. steering and suspension play, of course, for the driving dynamics of a Central role, no less than the best discipline of all previous BMW 3 series. What measures you have implemented here compared with the previous improvements?
Stephan Horn: The previous Generation is also very very good, but compared to the new 3 series is noticeably more precise and still sovereign. This is of course also a safety issue because you can drive very relaxed and effortless, sporty. In this case, the up to 55 kilograms less weight help larger track widths, of the order 10 mm lower center of gravity and the typical BMW weight distribution of 50 to 50. To this end, we have increased the body rigidity by around 25 percent, and locally up to 50 percent and a new shock absorber technology developed. For the first time in a BMW model used can be damper are part of the standard chassis technology and make a significant contribution to the Balance between sportiness and driving comfort. For the models BMW 330i and BMW 330d, we offer an optional factory M sport differential. The electronically controlled, fully variable locking function on the rear axle makes a significant contribution to the increase of traction and curve driving. what are the engines best ride on the market starting in March of 2019?
Stephan Horn: We start with the four-cylinder petrol models 320i and 330i, the four-cylinder diesel engines 318d and 320d, and the six-cylinder Diesel 330d. In the summer, the M Performance model M340i and a Plug-in Hybrid will follow. M Performance is also a M340d with a strong Diesel Motor, it is conceivable?
Stephan Horn: Conceivable, Yes. Many purists worry that the Trend is currently clearly to the blanket automatic transmission, and hardly any models with a manual transmission will be offered. How it looks since the BMW 3-series G20?
Stephan Horn: it is true that there was already in the previous Generation. But there are still manual transmissions, for market launch in the models, the 318d and the 320d. The four-cylinder Diesel are a very exciting keyword, because so far, the BMW 320d was in Europe at least, is the clear Bestseller. It will remain in the light of the Diesel-scandal in the competitors or do you expect a shift in the demand in the direction of the 330i or 320i?
Stephan Horn: thanks to the flexible production of our construction engines, we are prepared well in any case, by the market start available as 320i, which is for all unsettled clients a good Option. But nevertheless, the 320d plays in our plans is a very very important role. from the outside, there are also different Lines for customization. What distinguishes these?
Stephan Horn: We start with an already very beautiful and high-quality base that can then be with the Luxury or Sport Line is further developed. Then of course there is the M sport package with a particularly dynamic look. On top of the M Performance model M340i eventually sets in. Can you say approximately how long in total, the new BMW 3-series G20 has been developed?
Stephan Horn: almost exactly five years. In the summer of 2013, we started with a white sheet of paper. This is the usual cycle, where the 3P is of course embedded in the CLAR architecture that debuted with the current 7-series. This, of course, was done quite some preparatory work for the 3P. there Are, in retrospect, an idea that appeared on the white sheet of paper, perhaps a little too optimistic, but it has managed to still be in the series?
Stephan Horn: of Course, there were a lot of fights, for example, in the case of the Laser headlamps, which we bring in this class. The beautiful display-a composite with two large Displays was not planned from the beginning, but we have implemented it in super. The whole project was really fun because we worked together in a good Team. Mr. Horn, thank you for the informative interview!

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