BMW 3 series in 2019: All images and information on the new sedan G20

Raise the curtain for the new BMW 3 series in 2019! As the seventh Generation of the midsize sedan from Munich the BMW 3-series G20 celebrates in these minutes in its world premiere at the auto salon in Paris in 2018, the same time, there is at this point the official images and info for the new heart of the brand. Up to the global market starting in March 2019, although asked a little more patience, but the view of Design and technology is likely to answer the question now, how big is the anticipation of the new edition of the BMW bestseller.

The first view is, of course, on the Design of the BMW 3-series G20, which mainly pursues two objectives: on the one Hand, the new 3 series is clear, as a member of the traditional 3-series range to be seen what will be achieved, especially on the sporty proportions. On the other hand, it was the designers is important to position the 3P as a clearly separate vehicle and clear from the 5-series to differentiate. With the directly connected to each other kidney, the distinctively shaped headlights and the upper margin distinctly darkened, strongly three-dimensionally shaped rear lights is not ensured that at least all people with a minimum level of automotive interest to keep the 3 series for a 5 series – and Vice versa.

BMW 3 series in 2019: All images and information on the new sedan G20

Looking beyond the Design and the similar proportions, some important differences in the eye. Since the dimensions would be, for example, because of the new BMW 3-series G20 towers over its predecessor: With a length of almost 4,71 meters, the New one is 85 millimetres longer than before, while the wheelbase is 41 mm longer than before. The width grows at a moderate rate of 16 mm to just under 1.83 meters, the height to a Millimeter, and remains at the minimum about of 1.44 meters.

Who is feared in view of the larger dimensions, higher weight, can breathe a sigh of relief: Despite the clear size growth and some additional standard equipment, the weight of the BMW 3-series G20 could be reduced depending on the engine, up to 55 kilograms. In Germany, a particularly popular BMW 320d comes with a DIN kerb weight of 1,450 kilograms, 50 kilograms less than before.

More good news for all Riders, a new look at the dimensions: 43 mm additional track delivers wide at the front and 21 mm more track width on the driven rear axle, laying the Foundation for even more driving fun. The weight is distributed in an optimum ratio of 50 to 50 between the two axles, of course in a BMW 3 series for decades. The depth of focus and locally up to 50 percent increased torsional stiffness of the body to deliver more contributions, to facilitate the task of the completely newly developed chassis.

BMW 3 series in 2019: a New suspension technology for more dynamics

On Board the new BMW 3 series hubabhängige dampers come as standard, which adjust their hardness continuously and in dependence on the road surface. Also the M sport suspension with 10 millimetres lower ride height, increased Camber, stiffer Bearings, extra body struts as well as springs and stabilizers with a higher spring rate uses the can be a damper. Compared to its predecessor, the differences between the series and M suspension are about twice as large, the driving dynamics will be sharpened much more clearly than before.

Optionally, the 3 G20’s with Adaptive M suspension available, which comes with electronically controlled dampers. The valves controlled damper force for each wheel is infinitely variable and is adjusted depending on driving mode, it is either the most comfortable or the most sporting chassis for the new 3 series. Both M driving works are always combined with the variable sport steering that adjusts to the selected driving mode. For the more powerful models 330i and the 330d with the M sport differential is in addition to the M chassis with active electronically controlled, fully variable locking function on the rear axle.

The engine range includes the market launch in March 2019, the first of three Diesel and two gasoline engines, whereby a power range of 150 to 265 HP. The entry-level BMW 318d G20 with 150 HP forms, in addition to the 320d come with 190 HP and the 265-HP 330d with for now, the only six-cylinder engine. In the case of the petrol engines can be between the 320i with 184 HP, and the 330i with 258 HP decided in the summer of the BMW M340i xDrive follows with 372 HP strong six-cylinder. Also in the summer, the new BMW 330e Plug-in Hybrid that can travel up to 60 kilometers purely electrically. Only four-wheel drive version at the launch of the BMW 320d xDrive is later, the range will be expanded significantly.

BMW 3 series in 2019: a high-tech interior with increased comfort

However, even if the driving dynamics and sportiness are connected for over 40 years, inseparable with the Image of the BMW 3 series, play in the everyday life of many customers of other aspects of the main role. One of the most important points of criticism of the predecessor, the acoustic comfort was, because at high speeds on the highway, the Generation of the F30 was never particularly quiet. On a cW-value of a minimum of 0.23 for significantly reduced air resistance is only a building block for better acoustics: The windscreen of the new BMW 3-series G20 is running as a standard in acoustic glass for the side Windows are acoustic glass is available as an option. In addition, the A-pillars and other hollow spaces are now foam-filled, which should improve the noise comfort.

Experience of this progress can be in a Cockpit, the the classic 3-virtues into the digital age transfers: the driver-oriented, focused, and suitable for everyday use, but also intelligent and comprehensive networked than ever before. The focus is on the two Displays, which are on a height. The speedometer is designed as standard in Black Panel look, this analog pointer and a 5.7 inch Display to be combined. Optionally, the speedometer is replaced by a fully-digital 12.3-inch Display behind the steering Wheel. The Control Display for the Infotainment content is already in series 8.8-inch tall, optionally, a variant with 10,25 inch screen size is the choice. Significantly larger than the display area of the Head-up-display, here’s the predecessor is even exceeded 70 percent.

Clear and expand the forms of interaction between the driver and the vehicle wants to improve BMW. The main role here, the Intelligent Personal Assistant that can always be “Hey BMW” or other individually specified command addressed plays. The digital assistant learns the behavior of its driver, and makes appropriate proposals to simplify the driver’s everyday life. Many vehicle functions can be controlled with the help of the wizard by voice command, for example, the air-conditioning.

BMW 3 series in 2019: assistance systems for (almost) any Situation

Everyday relief should also bring the numerous assistance systems, the BMW 3 series in 2019, a step closer to Autonomous Driving. The optional Driving Assistant Professional features, together with MobilEye developed, with the front radar linked trifokale camera. Like in X5, and Z4, there is also a camera in the upper area of the speedometer display, which monitors the driver’s attention.

The wizard takes over the Longitudinal and transverse guidance, support in choke points and engage with the corresponding setting is active, if the driver misses a hazard. It includes the systems, this results in an impressively long list: Active cruise control with Stop & Go function, steer assist, lane assistant, Parking assistant, rear view assistant, lane change warning, lane departure warning, side-collision protection, cross traffic alert, right-of-way warning, wrong way driving warning, and fallback help make it clear: In technical finesse, it’s not for a lack of the 3 for sure, instead, you could helper him almost a syndrome.

Overall, the new BMW 3 series in 2019 in almost all technically relevant disciplines at least on a par with the larger BMW-series, combines the high-tech package but with considerably more driving dynamics. Higher quality materials and in many small Details improved handling, a more generous space in the first and second series of larger compartments and a larger useable trunk round the depreciated 3P-package and suggest that BMW has brought its middle-class series, in fact, in all the important areas a further step forward. Even more so than other mid-size sedans, however, that the truth is on the street: Whether the big hit is actually managed, can only clarify the first driving reports.

BMW 3-series G20 in 2019: engines and Technical data in the Overview

318d: 150 HP | 320 Nm | 8,4–8,4 s | 222-226 km/h | 4,1–4,5 l/100 km
320d: 190 HP | 400 Nm | 6,8–7,1 s | 240 km/h |4,2–4,7 l/100 km
320d xDrive: 190 HP | 400 Nm | 6.9 s | 233 km/h | 4,5–4,8 l/100 km
330d: 265 HP | 580 Nm | 5,5 s | 250 km/h | 4,8–5,0 l/100 km
320i: 184 HP | 300 Nm | 7.2 s | 238 km/h | of 5.7–6.0 l/100 km
330i: 258 HP | 400 Nm | 5.8 s | 250 km/h | 5,8–6,1 l/100 km

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