BMW 3 series Touring G21: Patent sketches show the rear Design

Since the Premiere of the BMW 3-series G20 also the Front Design of the BMW 3 series Touring G21 is no longer a secret. At the rear, we had to rely so far on speculation, the soft but now also a certainty: Patent sketches show the side and rear view of the suit in its full glory and reply to practically all outstanding issues.

Perhaps the most important answer relates to the shape of the rear lights of the BMW 3 series Touring G21, because they differ, at least at first glance, not the sedan. The General Design with a dark contrasting top and a red, strong three-dimensional molded Element in the L-Form is assumed in any case. Like the headlights, tail lights and turn indicators of the sedan’s look in more Detail, we have already in our G20-light technology-the idea shown.

The new BMW 3 series Touring G21 will celebrate a few months after the sedan its market launch, we currently expect an official launch in the spring. The first customers should be able to take the station wagon in the early summer of 2019.

From the later market start, a slightly modified engine range is anticipated, although there are certainly one or the other question mark. We currently expect that the combination will be both in the Form of the BMW M340i xDrive, as well as in the Form of the not yet officially confirmed by BMW M340d xDrive available – the example of M550i and M550d shows, however, that the strong petrol engines for the Touring is not set mandatory.

A further question relates to the BMW 330e Touring, because so far, the Munich-based consistently on the offer of a combination Plug-in hybrids omitted. Nevertheless, it is in our view quite likely, that the new Generation of G21, the Plug-in Hybrid 330e with XtraBoost is offered. The appropriate technology should, in any case, in Europe customers, especially as many of the previous Diesel-are unsettled buyers.

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