BMW 8er Cabrio 2019: In Sunset Orange of the sun

Almost standing the BMW 8er Cabrio is currently filming his rounds in and around Munich. Several Bimmer today readers have caught the convertible in the last few days on test drives, and photos and allow more people to obtain a Preliminary impression of the open-top four-seater in the luxury class. On our photos is wearing the BMW 8 convertible, the M sport package and the paint in Sunset Orange – a configuration, which is also the coupe very well, especially in conjunction with the optional Carbon package.

Of something wrapping foil, only the area of the tail that has more or less to do directly with the top to be covered in the current prototype. The rear fender of the convertible are different, as well as the tailgate in a few Details, so some camouflage is quite understandable. However, can any viewer with a modicum of imagination and experience in very specific terms, what is hidden under the film.

The official unveiling of the new BMW 8er Cabrio is planned for later this year, the first customer to take the vehicle just in time for convertible season in 2019. As with the coupe the engine line-up is initially manageable, and is dominated by the 530-HP M850i xDrive, a little later also the cheaper 840i convertible but comes with in-line six-cylinder petrol engine. If the Diesel 840d is also offered as a convertible, it remains in the light of the current Diesel debate in Europe to be seen.

As the third body variant of the new BMW 8-series will come to the end of 2019, the four-door Gran coupe on the market. Although it counts just like the two-door model for 8-seater family, the Gran coupe is a completely different audience, and combines the sporty concept of the series with high suitability for everyday use.

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